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We Can Grow New Eggs, Ladies

Researchers recently discovered the existence of Egg Precursor cells (EggPC) in the outer cortex of female ovaries. These immature egg cells can mature into fresh, young eggs. Scientists even believe that these intact, immature egg cells can be found in a woman of any age.

"When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic." Dresden James

You've most likely been told you were born with all the eggs you'll ever have - which implies you have a time bomb attached to your fertility. You were told that once you hit middle age your eggs would die because they - like you - are too old. Useless. Faulty. No good. Your body will let you down because you're limited by age.

Well guess what? This idea is wrong. Outdated. It's the old paradigm.

And the new paradigm is:




Well to be honest, I kind of believed something like this all along. If I hadn't I probably wouldn't have conceived three children in what is seen as freak territory when it comes to childbearing. I was 40, 43 and 45 when I had my children. I'm 46 now, still feeling fertile, vibrant and confident I could easily get pregnant again.

Am I making this all up? Definitely not! Not even the science.

Researchers recently discovered the existence of Egg Precursor cells (EggPC) in the outer cortex of female ovaries. These immature egg cells can mature into fresh, young eggs. Scientists even believe that these intact, immature egg cells can be found in a woman of any age.

Hot on the heels of this discovery is of course the IVF industry. A treatment is now available to rejuvenate a woman's eggs by adding energy from a her own EggPC cells. They basically harvest mitochondria from the EggPC cells off the edge of the ovary and inject them into a mature egg during IVF. Far out! Research is also taking place for the next level of treatment to expand egg reserve. Egg precursor cells are developed into healthy, viable eggs inside a woman's ovaries during IVF. It's a fertility treatment that would be available to women who have few or no eggs left - offering hope to all those women who 'left it too late'. Speculation on fertility forums suggest this option will be possible as early as 2015.

Then the third level of treatments would completely revolutionise IVF because the woman's EggPC cells are matured into eggs outside the body, eliminating all the drugs, need for egg retrieval or hormone hyperstimulation. Not sure the pharma industry will be very happy about that but someone will be making a lot of money when it becomes reality.

It'll also add fuel to the age old debate, "How old is too old to have a baby?" I don't know why people get so uptight about this - even many self-declared liberals start developing fascist tendencies when faced with this last taboo.

It's not as if hordes of grannies will be queuing to get their eggs revamped

But if it's giving women in their 40s or even 50s a chance at motherhood because they still feel young enough to do it, good for them.

The new treatments will cost an arm and a leg. You can be sure about that.

Most of us won't be able to afford having our cells harvested, energetically boosted and grown into brand new eggs. So what can the average woman do?

Well, I believe she too has the ability to energetically boost her 'dormant', pristine EggPC cells and grow them into brand, new, bursting with life eggs.

How does she do this?

The thoughts you think, the food you eat, the life you lead

My fertility mantra.

It may sound simple and in theory it is. It's the practice that lets us down. It's generations of women who have this notion of menopause and 'you can only have a baby until you're 40 or 45' or whatever your lineage of females led you to believe and etched into your evolutionary DNA. The magic is we can change that - with only a quantum leap in consciousness, perhaps.

The more intact and toxin-free the environment the egg follicle grows in, the better the quality of the egg. Fertility experts all seem to agree on this. Much of the food we eat is so processed it isn't even real food anymore. This causes inflammation in the body and bang goes our egg health. It's impossible of course to be toxin-free in today's world and the older you are the more accumulated toxins you have. Hence the old eggs theory. By the way sperm are exposed to far too many modern day toxins as well and they carry half the DNA for a baby. So blame the fertility crisis on the guys too please.

Fact remains we are being misled concerning the sell-by date of our eggs and it has cost us dearly: Panic over egg reserve, money spent on tests and expensive treatments and decisions which may have been taken differently had we known otherwise. With stress hormones blocking the receptors of pregnancy hormones and negative thoughts about age, the body does one thing. It shuts down the baby making department. The mind has a huge impact on how every cell in the body functions. We are only just beginning to understand the magnitude of this.

It's interesting that the new discovery comes at this time in history when women are breaking previously enforced limitations in all areas of life. Not only is the unlimited egg supply theory liberating; possibly even more liberating than the introduction of the contraceptive pill, but it proves once more how perfectly created we are. We don't just have the ability to miraculously grow babies, we have the potential to miraculously grow eggs too. Of course we do. It's so logical. We are the Divine Feminine.

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