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Kill Or Cure

It's time to deal with the cause, NOT the effect, and that way I feel sure in my uneducated way, that most cancers can be eradicated, rather than having to find a cure for something we have created!

My favourite vet in all the world probably despairs of me, when I post certain, and in some cases inaccurate articles on social media regarding vaccinations for our dogs. She very patiently puts the case for protecting our pets and also points out that many vaccines used in the UK are indeed different from those in the US. Not necessarily better or worse, just different due to governmental regulations. The reason I do this is not to undermine vaccination programs, but more and more we are seeing a rise in varying types of cancer. Not only in our pets but also in our own species, and whilst I admire our scientists very much for the massive strides they are making in curing many cancers, I keep finding myself asking the question, why are cancers on the increase?

Only 50yrs ago smoking cigarettes was fine. I remember as a 4yr old (roughly 1967) going to the shops to buy my mums pack of 10 (yes we did that in those days) and at the same time get some sweets with the change. Of course not too long after a direct link between cigarettes and lung cancer was proven. Incidentally how our government can allow cigarettes to be sold any longer and still block a person's right to die is beyond me and I find the whole issue quite immoral. Anyway that's another subject, for another day. Oh, I speak as someone who smoked for 30yrs. Ahh and now we have 'Vaping'. Of course we are being told that is is safer than smoking! I wonder who has done 200 yrs of research to be able to tell us that this is the case? Would it be the companies keeping you addicted to nicotine who sell this stuff?

Then only in the last month we have had a media release regarding HRT, and that prolonged use increases the chance of breast cancer by a third. So you'll no longer get cervical cancer but we'll substitute this with breast cancer instead. That last sentence was uneducated, misleading and frivolous, but I'm guessing you see where I am going with this?

We have a multi BILLION pound industry in cancer charities which drives many research labs around the world, and this incidentally is a subject I have written about before. I wonder how many labs are setup purely on the basis of finding out, how, different chemicals, most of which a human or other animal was never supposed to have in their bodies and unless administered directly would never have had in their bodies? I grew up drinking orange squash, and yes I was massively hyperactive, of course the connection was not made for decades that the chemicals in these drinks were the driving factor. Today the Psychiatrists even have an industry that has grown up around such behaviour, ADHD. Is it possible that those suffering with ADHD are ingesting a chemical from a processed food that simply does not agree with them and causes this behaviour? Unfortunately as I am an uneducated numpty, my opinion is pretty worthless, but when the evidence keeps mounting, and eventually someone sits down and takes notice, then gets nominated for a nobel prize, and I'm fine with that.

Please tell me that someone out there is working on the reasons rather than a cure? That cancer is most probably caused by what we are putting into our bodies and so this is where we should start the healing. Our farming industry has been routinely using antibiotics on cattle for decades, not because the cattle are ill, but simply as a pre-emptive strike. Oh and now we have bacteria that are becoming resistant to antibiotics. It's not rocket science! If your drip feeding antibiotics into the food chain, along with over prescription, then of course bacteria will become resistant much sooner than they should.

I saw a programme the other day where they were discussing and showing how sewing needles were made in the 1800s. Those who made the needles were paid a comparative fortune, as rarely did any of them live beyond 35. The grit from the grind stone to sharpen the needles, along with the metal filings flying into the air, were then inhaled and after a few years of creating around 10k per hour (they said??), these needle makers, would bleed into their lungs, effectively drowning themselves. The British government is (maybe in a year or two) about to ban 'micro-beads'. Of course the rest of the world will continue churning them out. They are already in the food chain, from tiny creatures, first on the food chain have them inside. How long before we, the human race then realise what an incredibly stupid thing to have even invented let alone have been allowed to be used?

We have countless examples, from miners with respiratory problems, to asbestos workers suffering similarly, which we now directly link with numerous conditions. We have fossil fuels being burned at a rate never seen before in human history, and to compound matters, so that the food manufacturers can make larger profits, they cram our food with products that the human body is simply not designed to deal with, and so we get CANCER.

It's time to deal with the cause, NOT the effect, and that way I feel sure in my uneducated way, that most cancers can be eradicated, rather than having to find a cure for something we have created!