03/03/2015 10:18 GMT | Updated 02/05/2015 06:59 BST

Can You Cook With Fairy Liquid?


I was round my friend's house and saw this by the sink and was all like "I bet Fairly Liquid is a much underused cooking ingredient" and that was all the inspiration I needed for another incredible food adventure!

So what's inside the bottle?



And how does it taste?

Fairly disgusting you will be surprised to hear. I guess it tastes how it smells; like pine resin, like grass, like chemicals. But when you swallow some it burns - quite badly - and I have to urgently rinse my foamy mouth out. But the most curious thing about Fairy Liquid is how oily it is.... which is kinda cool because this has given me a great idea for a fantastically original dish.

I'm going to totally fry something in it.

Like these prawns!


I start by removing the heads, tails, and shells:


And I'm really worried about food poisoning so I remove the vein by slicing the prawn down the middle of its spine (I know this sounds absurd as I'm going to be frying them in soap).


Next I assemble some other ingredients which I think will go well with the aromas of the detergent:


Some lemon juice, a sundried tomato, chilli flakes.

So let's get this incredible prawn fry-up on the go shall we!

I begin by adding some oil and Fairy Liquid to a frying pan:


And then my ingredients...

Which is where things began to go ever so slightly wrong:


Maybe rather predictably, everything began to foam up and begin to burn...but that didn't phase me too much.

After, erm, frying for a further minute I plate up my incredibly original crustacean dish:


Seared prawns with chilli, lemon, tomato and Fairy Liquid

Annnnd how does it taste?

You will be surprised to learn it is absolutely disgusting. Repulsive. Vomit inducing. Overpoweringly chemicall-y. Oily, weirdly fragrant (in a nasty pine way). But other than that, it's utterly delicious!

Overall a total disaster, but I guess you saw that coming. But on the plus side, my frying pan was super easy to clean!


But what do you think? Have you tried this novel cooking ingredient? You totally haven't? Oh, oh OK. Maybe tell me some of your interesting cooking ideas over on Twitter!

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