A Night Out With Your iPhone

03/10/2011 00:01 BST | Updated 02/12/2011 10:12 GMT

Going out? Not sure where? Tired of the same old scene, the same boring club, the same lame DJ, the same drinks, the same.. everything? Well, put a dress on your iPhone and take her out on the town! If you want a fun, fresh, new experience out.. There's an app for that.

Several, actually.


If you're looking for the latest in the concert experience, here's your app. Available free at the iTunes Store, this one not only tells you what's playing locally and when, but it alerts you when artists in your phone's music library are going to be coming to your area.

Once you're at the concert, you'll need a Zippo to show your appreciation. There's an app for that too. The free Zippo Lighter app puts one of the famous fire makers right on your phone's screen in any of several lighter designs. Not recommended for smokers.

Bars & Clubs

Not interested in the musical experience or need somewhere to go after to let your ears unwind? Then here you go. This app will show you where the nearest bar or club is. You can break down choices by category, saving you from accidentally taking your girl to a gentleman's club or stumbling into the wrong genre and waking up to find out your sexual orientation isn't what you thought it was.

Whether you want a dance club, a straight drinking pub, or something a little more hinky, you'll find it with this free app.

Drinking Games

Going out to the pub with your mates? Aiming to get snookered, but don't want to just sit around like a lot of losers pounding brews? Then this free app is for you. Choose from any of 75 different drinking games with titles like "3-Man" and "A**hole". You don't have to be Irish to have great pub games at your disposal!

BAC Calculator

When the festivities are underway, you might be interested in knowing just how blasted you really are. Wondering what your "Confidence-o-Meter" is on so you can go talk to that girl by the music box? Wondering if you've got enough Bravery down the hatch to take on that rugby goon and his friends? The BAC Calculator can help with your assessment. Only 0.5? Probably not quite ready for that girl yet. Up to 1.5? Bring on the muscle bound lout!

Call a Taxi

The only app on our list that isn't free, this one is worth the pound spent. It will help you get a taxi without a lot of thought (or coordination) required. Just click and it shows you the nearest taxi and cheapest option. Another click and you're calling. Way easier than trying to read the fine print in a phone book at 3am when the BAC Calculator says you're ready to take on Parliament.

Use any or all of these apps to make your night out one for the record books.