VIDEO: Laura Dockrill: The South London Takeover

22/09/2011 16:55 BST | Updated 20/11/2011 10:12 GMT

Since having her first book, Mistakes in the Background, published four years ago, South London girl Laura Dockrill has quickly become part of the it London literary crowd. Two mores books followed, Ugly Shy Girl (2009) and Echoes (2010), quickly cementing Dockrill's reputation as a name to know.

But Dockrill is so much more than just an author, as finds out when we visit her (and her very cute dog!), at her home in Norwood. She primarily calls herself a poet - but also illustrates all her work, creates intricate artwork and maps and is next working on a series of children's books. Quite the impressive CV for someone that had a hard time accepting her creative flair in her younger years.

"I never really felt like I fitted in anywhere," Dockrill tells us of her 'mental' upbringing, "until I went to The BRIT School where my creativity was encouraged." It was at the prestigious The BRIT School that Dockrill met singer Kate Nash who gave her her big break when Nash encouraged her to perform a poem at an open mic night. The rest - as they say - is history.

Here, Dockrill lets us in on what inspires her, from food to family and especially, eavesdropping on conversations. Check out the video to find out why this line, in Dockrill's words, is gold: 'The girl was really fat, but she's got the confidence of someone who is a size 8.'

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