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Battlefield 3 - Aftermath Review

Now over a year since it first hit the shelves,gets a shot in the arm with the new Aftermath DLC.

Now over a year since it first hit the shelves, Battlefield 3 gets a shot in the arm with the new Aftermath DLC. Packing in three maps, as well as new game modes and vehicles, Aftermath is more of the same - but easily extends the shelf life of EA's Call of Duty rival.

Themed around an earthquake in Tehran, three maps form the bulk of Aftermath's 1.6Gb package, and borrow heavily from the ill-formed campaign. Combining the frantic, claustrophobic corridors of Close Quarters with open ruined streets, the new environments offer a welcome change of pace. Whether it's the eerie sprawling streets of Azadi Palace or the COD-esque Talah Market, gameplay is more varied than ever before - keeping you thinking at all times.

Thanks to three new vehicles, there are also more ways than ever to get around the Battlefield. Offering a change from the traditional identikit tanks and jeeps, Aftermath throws in the Phoenix, the Barsuk and the Rhino. Customized to the hilt, the new wheels are a clever addition adding an extra dimension to play - and allowing you to drop your teammates at those crucial flags.

A FPS expansion pack wouldn't be complete without a new game mode and new weapon, and Aftermath delivers one of each. Scavenger lets you loose with a knife to begin with, leaving you to scavenge more powerful weapons littered around the battlefield in order to survive. Much like COD's Kill confirmed, Scavenger provides adrenaline fuelled, frantic gameplay as opposed to Battlefield's tactical, methodical approach. The result? - It's not clever, but Scavenger's reaction based gameplay makes for edge of your seat sessions every time.

The addition of a crossbow to the already huge BF3 arsenal is hardly a game changer - but will keep weapon junkies happy. Easily unlocked via one of the various new assignments, the crossbow offers a new way to stalk prey, and can be customised with a range of sights and ammunition.

Packing in new maps and vehicles as well as fresh assignments and weapons, Aftermath and the forthcoming End Game DLC ensure gamers will be playing EA's flagship FPS for a while yet.