06/11/2012 04:53 GMT | Updated 06/11/2012 04:53 GMT

Battlefield 3 - Close Quarters Review

In the FPS arena there are only really two options - Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Although Call of Duty has long since been the darling of adolescents and adults worldwide, Battlefield has recently seen an increase in popularity, and its third instalment has attracted new soldiers in their droves with its gritty, tactical feel. Now EA have unveiled Battlefield Close Quarters, a pack of downloadable content which adds a new element of play - close and frantic fighting.

Taking place in cramped corridors and stairways, Close Quarters moves away from the open, rolling maps and urban environments the Battlefield franchise is usually known for, and advances into more Call of Duty-esque territory. Featuring new maps such as Donya Fortress and Ziba Tower, Close Quarters importantly offers vastly different environments, but also throws in a range of other new modes and unlockables. New game modes such as Gun Master (where you advance through better weapons by killing opponents) switch things up, whilst new weapons and assignments also extend the life of what was already one of the most enjoyable online gaming experiences out there.

But the main draw with Close Quarters is of course the new maps - so how do they stack up? Varied in design and atompshere, the new maps all feature increased damage, and a claustrophobic element that will be familiar to seasoned Call of Duty players. To say gameplay is frantic is an understatement - a blur of crumbling walls, flag capturing and flying rounds, Close Quarters games are always a chaotic affair - with lots of memorable moments to be had in each session.

Already one of the best online games around, Close Quarters adds yet another dimension to Battlfield 3, and throws uncomfortable, fast paced gun fights in to the already award winning Battlefield 3 formula. A must for fans of Battlefield 3, and something Call of Duty fans should consider checking out, Close Quarters is available as Part of Battlefield 3 Premium edition for £45.00.