02/12/2016 07:31 GMT | Updated 03/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Three Essential Reads For The Frustrated Millennial

Being a millennial isn't always the easiest job in the world. Okay, the average member of Gen Y is tech-savvy, less susceptible to online advertising scams, and has grown up in a time where technology has risen to incredible heights.

But, the average member of Gen Y has also grown up in a world where the world has in some ways regressed, it's harder than ever to buy a home, and the job market is an oversubscribed minefield where in many cases, there's microscopic room for progression, let alone appreciation.

Having said that, we should probably all stop whining and get on with things; we're all responsible for our lives and nothing great will happen by sitting around moaning.

If you're reading this wondering what to do with your life or what next steps to take, perhaps these three web-based publications will help (or at the very least, provide a welcome distraction)...

Go Billions

A new kid on the block that packs one serious punch, Go Billions is shaping up to become the millennials guide to making millions, or billions to be precise. It's packed with stock market tips, reviews, famous quotes, facts, financial news, and money making guides all geared to enlightening you on modern money matters and helping to boost your bank account.

Boing Boing

Okay, this isn't exclusively for the millennial, but it sure speaks to Gen Y in magnificent ways. Dubbed by itself as 'A Directory of Mostly Wonderful Things', Boing Boing is like a scrapbook filled with witty cynicisms, amusing insights, alternative takes on current events and cool stuff from around the web.

The Urban Realist

Based in Atlanta, The Urban Realist is a millennial lifestyle mag that covers all bases when it comes to culture, dating, homewares, city guides, and hip entertainment. The mag itself sports a clean-cut feel, and its editorial style is succinct enough to hold the attention of even the biggest of screen scanners.

Now, I know you're a busy bunch so I won't keep you any longer. Read these publications and enjoy new perspectives, fresh inspiration, and plenty of laughs along the way - goodness knows we all need a chuckle from time to time.