07/04/2014 10:16 BST | Updated 03/06/2014 06:59 BST

The Road to Rio - Five Ways to Save On Your World Cup Adventures

With less than 100 days until the World Cup kicks off in Brazil, excitement is hotting up for football fans around the world, especially for those planning to attend the tournament.

With less than 100 days until the World Cup kicks off in Brazil, excitement is hotting up for football fans around the world, especially for those planning to attend the tournament.

If you are planning a trip last minute, the first thing on your mind will no doubt be getting your hands on flight and match tickets and securing accommodation as close to the stadiums as possible. You'll also want to make your money stretch as far as possible if you are on a budget and the good news is there are many ways you can save before and during your trip. Here are 5 ways you can kick some great savings firmly in the back of the net.

1. Replica kits without the hefty price tag

New team kits are released every year to the general public, making football a very expensive sport to the serious fan. Looking out for discounts online makes sense, but you can also often save money by buying the away shirt over the home shirt or being a little edgy and choosing the goalkeeper's shirt instead. These versions are often cheaper than the home kit but you won't lose kudos with other fans in the process.

You can also save money by wearing an older shirt. In fact, many people do this for a retro feel, especially if they can get their hands on a shirt that was worn during a big win. The price of a 2014 England shirt for example, will set you back £40 whilst a 2012 shirt will cost just £12.

2. Avoid Heavy Charges By Travelling Light

With many airlines charging passengers to check in luggage, customers are starting to review their packing habits. If you can travel light and take carry on luggage instead, you could save yourself money and avoid the risk of your luggage getting lost. With some airlines charging over £30 for each checked in bag, it makes sense to leave a few non-essentials behind so that you have more money to spend once you get to Brazil. Most airlines permit you to take on a small case plus another small bag and with the weather promising to be hot, heavy jumpers can be left at home!

3. Make A Great Save On Your Travel Money

How are you planning to buy your travel money? The golden rule is to ditch the airport bureau, which can charge up to £60 on every £500 worth of Brazilian Real you buy. 0% commission deals and other offers are great for tempting customers to buy currency but they can often be misleading. Companies offering such deals need to make a profit and if they aren't charging you a fee they will do this by building in a terrible exchange rate. Steer clear and instead be a smart currency shopper and buy your currency online. You'll get access to the most competitive rates and peace of mind that you got the best deal.

4. Save On Mobile To Mobile Call Charges

If you are travelling as part of a large group, you might want to invest in a local SIM card for your phone. These can save you a substantial amount of money as they allow you to make mobile calls at a local rate - handy if you become separated or you are staying in different hotels. Your friends will need to purchase a SIM too and the best thing about these cards is that you can receive calls even if you run out of credit.

5. Don't Be A Taxi Scam Victim

Taxi scams are rife in many countries around the world, but if you keep your wits about you, you can ensure you choose a reputable cab that won't rip you off. Most Brazilian taxi drivers will be honest and fair, but booking your transfer ahead with your travel company is always a safe bet to avoid the aggressive tactics of the taxi drivers at the airport. Instead of choosing a parked taxi, or worse still an unlicensed taxi, walk towards the main road and hail a Brazil city authorized cab instead. Insist that the taxi driver uses the meter and keep a map at hand to ensure no detours along the way.

Be smart in Brazil

Shopping around before your journey will help you to secure the best deals whether you are looking for flights, accommodation or travel money - leaving you with more money for food and drink, souvenirs and sending teasing text messages to the unlucky few back home who couldn't make the trip.