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Bursting out the fertile Leeds scene, aggressive but classic rock minded noise mongers Super Luxury are a breath (or a blast) of fresh air the UK rock scene.

Bursting out the fertile Leeds scene, aggressive but classic rock minded noise mongers Super Luxury are a breath (or a blast) of fresh air the UK rock scene.

Noise bands in the past have focussed on the darker end of the spectrum. From SWANS pseudo-spiritual explorations to Big Black's dystopian portraits of suburban life, the music usually veers towards the bleak. Leeds based four piece Super Luxury have an alternative take on rock's most out there sub-genre. To them it's party music.

Forming several years ago, around the focal point of the legendary Budenell Social Club (where the band's debut has been recorded), the band's combined love of heavy, dense music, classic riffs and absurdist humour led to a unique voice in a UK rock scene than can sometimes seem a little stale.

There's not say to say these guys are a joke band, and to see them live you can feel the dedication to rockin out and showing people a good time oozing out of them.

I caught up with vocalist Adam Nodwell (also of sludge rock band Cattle) ahead of the release of their debut album and impending UK tour.

Hi Adam, for anyone who hasn't heard Super Luxury before describe your band's sound in a sentence?

Classic noise-rock action in the key of party.

What first brought you, Tom, Chris and Hamish together to form the band?

Have you seen the film the Mighty Ducks? If you replace ice hockey sticks with guitars, it happened just like that. Tom and Hamish are the bash brothers, and me and Chris are Emilio Estevez and that guy from Dawson's creek.

What would you say your key influences were? Two things that keep coming up is Noise mixed with the big riffs of classic rock or Doom music?

I would say collectively - definitely bands like Jesus Lizard, Big Black, Melvins and of course AC/DC. I'd say a few other less obvious ones would be U.S. Maple, Oxes and 400 Blows.

I'm guessing Fugazi are also an influence given your song "Ian Mackaye made so much money out of Fugazi that he lives in a solid gold house and drives a solid gold car and he sits on his driveway but he can't go anywhere because the wheels are made of solid gold"?

Absolutely, they are one of my favourite bands, it's all about the hooks and catchy riffs and a generally upbeat and positive sound. Les Savy Fav would also be worth a mention here.

Do you think there are enough UK bands at the moment with a sense of humour in their music?

I think so, I think most bands do have a sense of humour. You'd have to to be in a band in the first place. If you listen to bands like Bad Guys, Human Hair, St Pierre Snake Invasion they all definitely have an aura of comic appeal to them, but (and it's a big BUT) they aren't 'joke' bands, they back it up.

I've heard your live shows are pretty manic, hot dog eating competitions and crowd surfing ladders have been mentioned, I'm guessing the live arena is pretty important to you guys?

That's why we are in a band, to play shows, to see new places, to meet people and have fun. I don't see the point in 'making a go' of it, our music does not have mass appeal at all, it's for a very select few and what we are interested in is finding that few and getting our rocks off with them.

The Leeds scene has been on the up for several years now, do you feel a kinship with bands like Hawkeyes and Black Moth or is it more a rivalry?

Definitely not a rivalry, we are all in the same ship, and some would say it's a sinking ship in a rough sea of mainstream shit water that's claiming the lives of poor souls who don't know any better. We all need to grab a bucket or learn to swim.

Tell me about making your debut album, how was it to get your music down on tape?

It was a long process because none of us had really done it before, and we did it in a number of different locations using borrowed gear. But it has all come together nicely and has a very nice raw feel to it, I am very proud and by the time you will have read this interview I'm probably going to be bored of it.

You're about to go back out on tour, what can people expect?

Giant wads of cash handed out by dancing bears and little monkeys walking around with trays of Ferrero Rocher pyramids. Failing that, four very handsome, happy and sweaty men.

Finally what are your guys future plans for the band?

Well we are about 3 or 4 new songs in, so probably going straight for album number two. We enjoyed recording Ten Solid Years of Applause, so why not get straight back on it.

Ten Solid years of Applause is released on March 23rd

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