21/01/2014 05:32 GMT | Updated 22/03/2014 05:59 GMT

Last Night I Learnt: I Can Have Wrinkles or Diabetes

Last night, as I was following the hashtag #Tomorrowsnewspaperstoday on twitter around 10:30pm, I spotted two very interesting front pages that combined make a rather amusing story.

The Daily Mail and Daily Express, both mentioned sugar and the effects that it can have on your body. I'm not sure which I should believe, if frankly, I should believe either (especially when leading TV and online sources haven't mentioned either story and their related research).

There other stories on the page are interesting too, of course they are, certainly enough to crack a debate up, but that's not what I'm here to discuss - we all know these two newspapers have very specific reputations, and the rest of the stories you can debate about in your own time.


Above: Give up sugar and lose your wrinkles (Daily Mail) (that's right not just not get, but LOSE your wrinkles)

Below: Chocolate can beat diabetes (Daily Express) (Yes, BEAT diabetes)


It just seems absolutely ridiculous. to think that we are being told to avoid sugary products like chocolate because it will give us health issues, and now, it could help against diabetes? And suddenly sugar causes wrinkles, well blimey, so does aging, shall we all stop getting old to stop wrinkles now?

So, if these stories are to be believed, the question is, would you rather have, wrinkles and no diabetes or no wrinkles and diabetes?

I think I'll have to take the wrinkles. The idea of giving up sugar just isn't something I want to either consider or imagine to be possible. No more hard boiled sweets on long journeys? No more melted chocolate with fruit and marshmallows? And no more cider? Blimey, I think wrinkles over my life time are a reasonable price to pay for delicious eating habits.

Then again, I'm bias, I lack the fibrillin gene, meaning my skin stretches and I'd get wrinkles with or without sugar.