Because Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Is Worth It.

In a world where L'Oreal's - Because you're worth it philosophy is constantly rubbed in your face, it's humbling to discover a brand that has responsible sourcing, an environmental conscious and giving back ethos at its core.

I am at an age where I have to take my skin regime very seriously, but find myself perplexed by current skincare brands. Behold Aurelia Probiotic Skincare. Aurelia was brought to my attention and took control of my daily skin therapy by its PR director; Anna Lewin. In a world where L'Oreal's - Because you're worth it philosophy is constantly rubbed in your face, it's humbling to discover a brand that has responsible sourcing, an environmental conscious and giving back ethos at its core.

My sensitive skin takes a bashing with the slightest wave of winter weather and when an out of the norm product comes into contact with my skin, a discomforting reaction erupts. In Aurelia I have found skin solace. Their probiotic products infused with BioOrganic botanical ingredients have comforted my skin in a way no other products have throughout my years of dabbling with exfoliaters, Night cream and serums.

I must note Aurelia's background in a short but sweet manner in order for you to gauge the rapid success it has achieved. Aurelia Probiotic Skincare was launched two years ago by Claire Vero. Claire forged herself as an expert in dermatology whilst working for the world's leading global pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare company, GlaxoSmithKline. Since its authentic beginning it has grown far and wide with glowing editorial features in luxury publications such as; Vogue, The Sunday Times Style, The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times. To add, Aurelia has gained 24 accolades including Best New Brand from the renouned Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible within the cosmetics industry. From a product counter and facial offering at Liberty London to online at Net-A-Porter the range continues to flourish and gain popularity amidst the beauty industry.

As I'm not a Beauty Editor I'm not qualified to explore this specific sole angle, but to bring awareness regarding the artistry of Aurelia Probiotic Skincare to career, creative and family driven women. There are endless studies showing that women nowadays wish for more from a product and have become responsible buyers with an informed mind. It might be maturity or a life of prior gluttony, but I want products that reach out to those less fortunate with first hand information, evidence and results. To that end Aurelia isn't just another brand sitting on the shelves of gorgeous boutiques trying to win acclaim, it is a skincare brand revolutionising how we treat our skin and those around us even on a global scale through its partnering with various not-for-profit organisations.

In launching Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, Founder Claire Vero travelled thousands of miles to Malawi, Africa to obtain the very best ingredients for the making of Aurelia's probiotic products. Her beautiful journey is documented through an inspiring story of locating some of the worlds rarest botanicals - Baobab and Kigelia - harvested by women in rural communities. Once harvested, the botanicals are delivered to community distribution centres then sent to laboratories in the UK. The women who help harvest Aurelia's botanicals have transformed their lives by Aurelia's support. They are now able to afford medicines and schooling. On a wider scale, their communities benefit from a village fund which is set up to maintain water holes and other necessities. What other skincare brands do you know of that invests their research and sourcing to a deprived country with reassurance that those cultivating the remote ingredients reap the benefits?

You might be an avid Nivea user or Estee Lauder promoter and that's dandy. Each to their own. However, the Baobab and Kigelia botanicals used in Aurelia have been proven by scientists to produce positive effects you wouldn't obtain from fellow skincare brands. Baobab's super fruits are rich in fatty acids; Omega 3, 6 and 9 which help keep the skin radiant and healthy. The magical botanical Kigelia has been used by local women for years, providing skin firming, toning and soothing prosperities. On top of which experts have noted the cox-inhibitors from said botanicals work to combat stress and give balanced skin.

Just when you thought Aurelia couldn't get more noble their mindful effort to make all of their bottles, cards and packaging 100% recyclable is another generous global act. Furthermore, they are a 'Cruelty Free International Certified' company, which bares the leaping bunny mark to offer peace of mind to all customers with their support of animal free cosmetic testing.

It is not for me to pull your arm in deciphering what skincare products you use (although I've tried my darnedest) but the proof is in the pudding with Aurelia's scientifically crafted range. Without generating my own cheesy slogan - which would far pass L'Oreal's - Aurelia's probiotic BioOrganic range will make you more confident in facing the world with purified skin. Remember, you too can look as lustrous as Jane Fonda at 77 if you switch to Aurelia Probiotic Skincare NOW.