01/03/2016 16:01 GMT | Updated 02/03/2017 05:12 GMT

An Open Letter to Coldplay


To Coldplay and advertising team.

As a educated and angry chimpanzee, I am writing this open letter on behalf of PETA and the world's chimpanzee population.

I would like a written apology from the popular band Coldplay for their patronising and derogatory portrayal of us chimpanzees.

The tone of their promotional clip Adventure of a Lifetime shows us in a very bad light and could even lead to undoing all the good work that has been put in place over the last few decades. I can tell you, it's got everyone going bananas in the office.

Quite frankly, the below par CGI effects hark back to the dark days when us chimps were often used as grinning advertising tools for human amusement/erotica.

We chimpanzees are intelligent animals and would never dance around in hats, playing cheap plastic guitars to this type of music. We predominantly prefer jungle.

We would like the editors of this advertising promo to remove these non consenting chimpanzees and replace them with the original singing and dancing human beings that wrote it.

Then we could all impartially judge their art form in its originality.


Danny Goffey

Co-founder of APCS

(The Anti Patronisation of Chimpanzees Society)