18/08/2017 10:23 BST | Updated 18/08/2017 10:24 BST

Royal Ramblings Meets Angelina Love

Inspiring, impressive, personable and talented, Angelina Love has a great deal going for her. She has worked for the biggest wrestling companies in the world, featured in one of the most celebrated tag-teams in the world and has fans across the globe.

Inspiring, impressive, personable and talented, Angelina Love has a great deal going for her. She has worked for the biggest wrestling companies in the world, featured in one of the most celebrated tag-teams in the world and has fans across the globe. Angelina, who remains one of the most decorated 'knockouts' in Impact Wrestling history, was recently in the UK for a number of independent shows. She granted us a rare and exclusive interview at the end of a visit to Westminster, where we discuss everything from her wrestling finishers to her future, from Davey Richards retirement to GLOW. Read on for the first part of this exclusive chat!

You're visiting the UK and have been racking up championships and trophies. Does this mean we'll see you back soon?

Well, yeah! I always enjoy myself when I come over here. I actually had some time in-between shows where I got to see the country and to do this cool parliament tour! I'm so appreciative for all the opportunities I've had. I should be back in October I believe.

WWE reportedly sent around a list to their fans seeking feedback on notable non-contracted talents. You were on that list - what's your reaction?

Was that a real list?! I think I only saw someone tweet it towards me, or send it on Instagram but I didn't know if it was real. If it was, that's pretty cool that they put me on it! I didn't know if it was real or not, but that's great.

You worked at (WWE developmental) Deep South and Ohio Valley Wrestling. What did you learn and were you pleased with your experience there?

Well, I was only in OVW for maybe a week or so. When I had my first try-outs, we had a camp at OVW and then I got hired and moved to Deep South. I had a choice of going to and starting at OVW right away or waiting until this new developmental opened. I thought to myself 'OVW is packed' and I didn't want to get just thrown into a group of 40 people who were already waiting to go to TV. So, I thought I'd wait for this new thing: 'its going to be new, everybody's going to be paying attention to it'. It was definitely an experience being there.... It's something I can say that I'm proud I completed. I was the only girl there from the day the doors opened to the day the doors shut. I helped build that place. It's completely black and white, there's no grey area. It was very tough, very difficult but it was very rewarding. It's rewarding now to say I did it and came out on the positive side. And it leads to WWE, so it was wonderful. Every day I was going along being paid to train and go to TVs when they were in the Atlanta area. I was like 24 years old, 23 and it was the greatest thing.

Your husband, Davey Richards, has announced his retirement. Does this affect your career at all? What do you think of it?

He's not retired. He's not with GFW anymore but he has indie bookings coming up so he'll still be doing them. I think he just wants to do everything on his terms.

Someone else you know well, Gail Kim, is also retiring. Are you sorry to see her bow out?

Yeah! I honestly thought Gail would wrestle forever, I really did. But she's smart. Her back has been bothering her for a long time I think and she's going to be an agent. I think we all knew that was coming for her. She's always going to want to be involved and I'm always going to be the same way as well. I think that will be a really good position for her because she's very helpful. I would like to be the one to retire her! So, we'll see but good for her. She's doing it on her terms and in one piece!

So might the future see you transition to being an agent somewhere?

I think that would be wonderful! Yes, absolutely. I have a lot of knowledge. I do a lot of seminars and everyone seems to find them beneficial. I love teaching people and helping people get more of this thing that they love, which can be very hard to get. So, I think that would be a wonderful future position.

What about film and TV work, some of which you've done before?

Outside of wrestling, I have. I'd do that forever. I love the entertainment business period. I've done a pretty good amount of acting in Canada and I love it. I would jump on anything acting wise that was given to me, it's super-fun.

You've left but with new management, do you think GFW is in a good place now?

Oh, I believe so, yes. It's like 2009 all over again with everybody that's come back. It was really wonderful to see everybody there, so it's always a good time.

You're a parent and a wrestler. What challenges does that bring?

There's some difficulties with it. I've also made really good with it because David [Angelina's son] will come with me and we'll make a road trip out of it if Davey's somewhere else. I'll always bring David with me and there are always people that help. I have friends that come with me and they'll hang out with him. Even if someone books me, I'll explain that I'll have my son and ask if they have a car seat. Usually, a lot of promoters have kids and they'll have one somewhere and people will help look after him whilst I wrestle. He's just precious, he's like a magnet for people and attention. It's hard because sometimes we'll take him to his nanna and papas house and he has to stay there for five days. I facetime any spare minute I can and we babble back and forth. So, it's good, we make road trips and vacations out of it but there are challenges too. If I worked a daily 9-5 there'd be a lot of going back and forth and not seeing him too. So, if its once or twice a week and I can make two weeks' wage in a day or two then I have a lot more time to be with him.

She may be gone from GFW but let's hope Angelina doesn't transition away from wrestling anytime soon! You can follow Angelina on Twitter @ActualALove You'll hear more from her in the second part of our interview, coming soon!