25/02/2015 06:09 GMT | Updated 26/04/2015 06:59 BST

Royal Ramblings Meets the Alpha Female

She is one of the most powerful, talented and experienced women in wrestling the world over. Jazzy Bi aka The Alpha Female, has wowed crowds across Europe and Japan. In the UK for some special appearances, she found time to sit down with us and talk about her past, present and future. Make sure to follow the Alpha Female because as ever, she has big things ahead of her.

How did you choose your ring name?

Well Jazzy Bi came about because my name is Jazzy and I went to a club in Germany and they decided everything! What I should wear, what I would do in the ring and my name. They thought that because sex sells that I should be Bi as in Bisexual - so I would have the boys and girls behind me. Well, I had to do it but didn't like it at all. After about five years, I parted ways with the school, went my own way and needed a new name as I wanted to be a more serious wrestler. I have a boyfriend who was a wrestler too. He went on the road and was telling some girls (untruthfully) that I was sitting at home jealous but they didn't believe it and told him that I couldn't be jealous because I was the "Alpha female".

You've worked across Germany. WXW are coming to the UK with IPW (tickets here), how's the German scene?

WXW are incredible, amazing and their fan base is huge! You could compare them to ICW when it started, the people are special and not like the mainstream wrestling fans. They have their own characters and you get to know them - like with Grado and "its yersel", they have their fan base and it's growing.

What's your current sense of the British scene?

Before I went to Japan, I did a year in the UK and wrestled for Pro-Wrestling Eve, Extreme American Wrestling and Pro-Evolution Wrestling. They adopted me and I love seeing them growing. I heard from Japan and saw when I watched, that you guys have some really interesting things going on and I hope I can be a part of it. I already have bookings in the UK, people but I need to make up my mind. In Germany now, I've got my own place and have responsibilities so it's not so straightforward. I'm here making contacts and expanding my networks. If there are sponsors or partners here I'd love to talk to them.

You've wrestled in Germany, France, Japan - has your style changed over time?

Hopefully, of course, my wrestling has evolved. I hope and think I'm better. I learned a lot in a Japan and now when I watch my wrestling from two years ago I find it hard to look at! Every country is different though. In England because there is so much competition you have to step up your game whilst in Germany or France you can have 'easy matches'. That said, with the internet now, wherever you perform it can end up online so you have to always bring your A-game!

Has the women's scene evolved since you started wrestling?

Since I started almost 14 years ago it's changed a lot. If we watch Queens of Chaos DVDs now, we're embarrassed! In the past, if random girls were friends with a promotor they got to step in the ring but not anymore. You have to be fully trained, to have a gimmick and proper gear. Girls are coming from all over the world. If you want to stand out you have to train hard, constantly improve your gimmick, your matches and your character. It's not enough to post once a year on facebook, the fans demand more from you now.

You were with TNA, will you be back or will we see you in NXT perhaps?

Well I like to speak about things that are confirmed. Of course I want to go to WWE and I'm kind of talking to TNA but I don't want to say something and then not have it happen. If I'll be there, either way, you'll see it - so watch this space!

Do we hear you're moving from wrestling to boxing?

Yes! In Germany the press is all over me and my trainer has told them I'll be boxing so it's official now. He wants me to have my first professional match in June. I train with boys because the girls tend not to be as big or strong as I am but one guy punched me so badly in my liver to "toughen me up". To be honest, I don't feel ready and know there's much more training to do. I'll upload it for you to see in the UK, if I win!

You already have a sponsor in place, right?

Well I've been sponsored by for three years now. I was so broke when I came to the UK and I needed protein to build my muscles. I used to dream of being sponsored by these guys and it happened! They heard I was one of Europe's best female wrestlers and sponsored me!

What's the best rib [practical joke] you've ever played?

It's less a rib, more a lesson! There was a boy who shall remain nameless but who smelled really bad. We wrestled every weekend and he didn't ever shower. Everyone was annoyed and wanted to do something so I suggested that we pee in his bag. Well, someone did it and it forced him to wash - but it only lasted one weekend!

What are your future plans?

Well I have a Japanese colleague that I've brought over and who has become my best friend. She had her debut match in Japan but it's a stronger, less diva-type style there. She wants to be a diva, she has the looks and belongs in a WWE or TNA ring. I'm training her and she'll be available for bookings all over Europe. She has a one-year visa. Then from January, if my boxing doesn't work out, I have an offer to move to Las Vegas to join a school and to be a trainer.

Whatever she does, we're sure this superstar is going to be making a success of it. Make sure to follow her on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest from the phenomenal Alpha Female.