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Royal Ramblings Meets Dick Justice

Pro-Wrestling or Sports Entertainment has plenty of drama, athleticism and excitement but what it lacks is sufficient law enforcement and justice. One man seeking to change all that is the indomitable 'Supercop' Dick Justice.

Pro-Wrestling or Sports Entertainment has plenty of drama, athleticism and excitement but what it lacks is sufficient law enforcement and justice. One man seeking to change all that is the indomitable 'Supercop' Dick Justice. This one-man corrective wrestling machine, having already administered the law across the USA at CZW and elsewhere, recently took the UK by storm wrestling for IPW and PCW amongst other great promotions. We had the chance to speak to Dick Justice about his past, present and future. Read on!

For those that haven't yet seen you in action, can you tell us about 'Supercop' Dick Justice?

Supercop Dick Justice was born and raised a Southern boy but moved up North. When I started with the character, Justice's father was a cop murdered in the line of duty. Justice was trying to fill his dad's shoes so he moved up North and became a cop too. But when I would tell that story people would get super offended that my father's still alive(!) so I had to stop it. I haven't yet gotten a better back story I just know that because my father was such an esteemed officer and a cop, I knew that I wanted to protect not only my country but the world! To be a supercop - I'm the only one, well, besides Jackie Chan. Here to protect 'murica, land of the free and home of the brave.

In terms of the legacy, there's the Big Boss Man and now there's Officer Warren Barksdale in Chikara and you. Did Boss Man influence you?

When I first started, I tried to wrestle like the Big Boss Man but I don't really wrestle like him anymore. I used the Boss Man Slam as my finisher and I used to wrestle in a baby blue shirt but now I have the spandex and a button-up black shirt, its slimming.

What have made of UK scene?

Everyone's very talented, the promotors are very nice and everyone's very welcoming. The fans are rabid....your fans are rabid! Some of them good, some of them bad but they're rabid.

You have a very large UK following and people were devastated when you were first advertised and couldn't make it to the UK. To what do you attribute your international fanbase? The strength of the character? Your CZW appearances?

Its honestly the strength of the internet. I wouldn't be anywhere near as many places as I am now if it wasn't for me doing things and then them going up online. The third eye blind thing I did where I talked the guy down from the tope rope. That went viral. Me being Robocop went viral. Me pointing the gun at CZW that went viral. It's the power of the internet and people sharing things that make them laugh.

There's plenty of comedic spots in the matches you do. Is that a lost art in wrestling?

It's starting to be more of a prevalent thing in the states. Obviously Kikutaro just moved there. He was like my hero. He's the guy that I modelled my style on. I liked the way he wrestled. Even watching in a different language he'd make me laugh which was very impressive. But I feel like people want to be serious. They like to be serious because its a competitive sport but I like making people laugh and making them smile, that's why I chose what I did.

Is there a promotion you'd love to work with - presumably WWE is the dream?

I'd love to go to DDT in Japan, my number one goal is to get over to DDT Pro-Wrestling in Japan. I could have a lot of fun there Other than that, I didn't think that going to other countries was going to be a realistic thing that I could do but now that I've come to the UK and aside from Japan, Australia would be cool, Ireland would be cool, Scotland would be fun.

You're a law enforcer, any fan issues or interactions you've had where you've had to instil discipline?

The fans are usually pretty cool to be honest. Sometimes people say that because you're a comedy wrestler, you'll get a lot of hate sometimes. I kind of just brush it off. You paid to go, so...

You're based in New York, has the wrestling scene changed since you've been involved?

I guess wrestling has kind of started to become cool again. Which is really cool and specifically, independent wrestling has started to become cool again. There's a lot of shows on and everyone's having a lot of fun and they're telling some people. It's a cool time to be a wrestler, a very cool time.

Who would you love to wrestle if you could?

Id love to wrestle Kikutaro again. I wrestled him in a three way but I'd love to wrestle him one on one. Honestly, I'd love to have a match with 'swaggle. I think he and I could have a lot of fun. I have ideas I'd like to do with him already. I'd like to have a match with Eugene too.

What got you into wrestling?

I used to play Wrestlemania for Nintendo before I was a wrestling fan. I didn't know anything about it until I saw that Hulk Hogan was coming to town and my mom was like that's the guy on the front of the video game and I was like "oh, well Ive got to see him" and mind you, this was in 1998. So he looked - nWo Hogan at the time - completely different but there was just something that drew me to it, the competitive aspect of it and the showmanship, the pyro and for some reasons I'll always love the way that the WCW ring sounded. It's like my favourite thing, it's strange.

Whatever the inspiration, we're so glad Dick Justice stepped into the ring. Make sure to follow him on Twitter or see his T-shirt selection here. Dick will be back in the UK for Pride and others, so keep an eye out for where to see him next!