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Royal Ramblings Meets Drew Galloway

He is a champion the world over, super-talented and arguably one of the most impressive and successful wrestlers of all time but ultimately what makes him great is that Drew Galloway is a fan like you and like us...

He is a champion the world over, super-talented and arguably one of the most impressive and successful wrestlers of all time but ultimately what makes him great is that Drew Galloway is a fan like you and like us. We sat down with this driven, determined and passionate star to talk about his role in TNA, his dream opponent and more. For insight, intrigue and a great chicken story(!) read on. Remember to watch Drew and the stars of Impact wrestling Sunday nights on Challenge TV at 9pm.

How are things for Drew Galloway right now?

Things are going spectacularly right now. I could not be happier with my life and my career. I've set myself some big goals and already surpassed them times a thousand, thanks to a lot of people believing in me and giving me opportunities. Every day I have to set a new goal because things just keep on happening. It's an exciting time for me and an exciting time for wrestling.

Can you reassure us, did you get your TNA paycheck this month?

I did. I've been reading a lot about that but I've been receiving my cheques just fine...

The numbers on Destination America, TNA's home in the US, have fluctuated - can they surpass the 1 million mark?

Absolutely! Things have already gone so incredibly and the sheer fact that the network is so strongly behind the product, well it was something that drew me to the company. It's an opportunity to be a part of something from the ground floor and build it. I thought "wow, I can really just come in here and help make a difference" and when we get there - and we will - I can say that I was part of something and helped it grow. So absolutely, 100%. Everyone's so driven and passionate. I'm obsessed myself and its cool to be surrounded by people just as obsessed because its infectious and also it means I'm not just a weirdo for being so obsessed!

You came debuted for TNA, saving the day at the Hydro in Scotland - what was that like?

Well I'll ask you a question. You're in the biggest arena in Scotland. In the main event. Earl Hebner is the ref. You've just signed the contract so literally nobody knows you're there. You come out and save the day for Grado - literally one of Scotland's biggest heroes right now. How would it feel?! I lost my mind. I was running to the barricade - and I don't know if you've seen those barriers but they're almost 5 feet high - and I hurdled it. I've never hurdled in my entire life! I got in the ring and was just amped out of my mind. Loki caught a little shot to the head but that was some feeling! Both Grado and I were saying, "What's going on! We're just 2 guys from Ayr!"

The promo's you've been doing in the crowd have been pretty special too...

That again was TNA allowing me to be myself and giving me freedom to do what I feel is right. It started in Manchester, I did a promo where I walked through the crowd and just spoke my mind. I started asking fans their names on the fly, it wasn't scripted. I'm the biggest smart mark, the biggest wrestling fan in the world and it felt cool to do it from the crowd because I was doing it from the fan's perspective, because I'm a fan. I said the next day that I wanted to be in the crowd again. TNA said they'd rather I come out from the ramp as I'm part of the roster and I said "that makes sense". "I'm going to jump in the crowd again"! They allowed me that creative freedom to say that I'd like to be in the crowd, speaking from a fans perspective. I think that that's a cool image and it felt really cool having everyone around me, especially in the UK just saying how I feel on worldwide TV again. If you allow me to be myself then you're going to get the most from me. If it works or fails it's kind of on me but at least it will always be on me.

With 'The Rising' you're in another trio. Is it your plan to get a top-flight singles run?

Oh, absolutely. We've got a pretty cool thing going on right now and there are a lot of factions but we're also three individuals and going to do our own thing. The big goal is always the world title, 100%. Especially with someone like Kurt Angle, who I grew up watching, as champion. Everyone points out my aggression and intensity when I wrestle but that guy is Mr. Intensity. Currently I have five titles on three continents. My goal is to be the first travelling world champion since Ric Flair. Right now, that's my new huge goal and if I could get the TNA world title, I could really pull that off and show wrestlers that because of the social media age you really can make a name for yourself. I'm trying to be a pioneer and to show that if you believe in yourself, if you're good enough, the cream always rises to the top. I'm not in TNA just to make up the numbers, I'm here to eat them up and Kurt Angle's the top dog.

Who is your dream opponent?

I'd love the chance to wrestle Shawn Michaels. Without a doubt he's the greatest overall in-ring performer, he's unbelievable. I was working with him when I was first in WWE and when he and Triple H eliminated me from my first Royal Rumble, I thought "wow, that was pretty cool". I never got the chance to wrestle a singles match with him which was unfortunate. Bret Hart was always a hero of mine and is a friend now, which is bizarre to me because he was my favourite wrestler growing up and I'd have loved to have had a shot at working with him. Today, its Kurt Angle. Also, Bram, I'm coming for you - we're going to have Scotland vs England in America.

Do you have any good rib [practical joke] stories?

There was one time, it was in Mexico city and Fit Finlay who's a friend and my mentor, found out that Hornswoggle had a bit of a fear of chickens. So they had Hornswoggle under the ring for a match between myself and Chris Masters (who had no idea what was going on). Hornswoggle was under the ring and generally my coming out to the 'Broken Dreams' theme was fairly intense. It fired me up like crazy. But as Masters came out, I see the fella who had the chicken come along and throw it under the ring. So, Masters came out expecting me there with my war face on but I'm just lifting up the apron and laughing. I'm looking under the ring and you can picture it... the chicken with head bobbing and 'swaggle running round like a baby trying to get away, knowing he can't come out from under the ring. The chicken comes back out and the guy grabs it and throws it back under - just terrorising him. Masters is standing rhere not knowing what's going on! I was on the floor laughing my head off - that was a pretty funny one!

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