26/04/2017 08:30 BST | Updated 26/04/2017 08:30 BST

Royal Ramblings Meets Kenny Williams (ICW Special)

ICW is a phenomenon. Insane Championship Wrestling to give the promotion its full name, went from a group of talented performers wrestling in front of small crowds in Scotland to a world-renowned brand, partnering with WWE and putting on some of the best and biggest shows this country has ever seen. Only recently, ICW performers were part of WWE's Wrestlemania Axxess event shows and of course the company is in six months or so likely to sell out Glasgow's SSE Hydro for Fear & Loathing X. Next month, the company will be on its second leg of a UK tour calling at Leicester (12 May), Cardiff (13 May) and London (14 May) with tickets onsale here. This is alongside its regular recordings for ICW on Demand in Glasgow. Last time "I C Dub" were in London we were fortunate enough to speak with the current Zero G Champion, Kenny Williams. This man is an astonishing talent. He will be part of the forthcoming World of Sport revival on ITV and is being booked left, right and centre across the UK. Make sure to see him soon because there's no doubt he'll be following in the footsteps of other ICW alumni including Noam Dar, Big Damo (Killian Dain) and Drew Galloway. Read on...

We last spoke one year ago, how have things been progressing for you?

Last time you spoke to me was at the ICW show at the KoKo. Since then, I feel like I've developed better as a character and as a wrestler. I'm more confident, I have a better presence and a following. I feel like I've just matured as a wrestler and I'm just more comfortable in the position that I've been given in ICW and in wrestling in general.

For people who don't know Kenny Williams can you explain your character and development?

Obviously when I came out, I had a 'Back to the Future' style - over time it's just developed into me, who's happy and excited. You can't put me next to another British wrestler and say the other guy looks more happy to be there. I always get asked how can you be so moody before the match and go from that to being like you've had 3 red bulls, running about daft? I just think when you see me come out you're thinking "hes different because he's full of beans, excited to be here". I think that's better than sometimes when you see somebody who's serious and they're meant to be a good guy. I'm just a happy babyface. The thing I liked most about the BTTF thing was that it was just an 80s style, cheesy, retro, bright colours and stuff. I just love that. I love the gear I wear. I mean I'm not going to quote Marty McFly or be the guy from the movie, It just uses that as a draw.

It appears that way, you're being booked across the country now

Yes. I've worked for Progress, they had me on at the Strong Style tournament. That was good because it was a different kind of perspective. The focus was strong style but they had [me] this different charismatic character who didn't do all that kind of stuff, so it was something different for them to see as well.

What is your goal?

Im sure you asked me something similar last time and I might have said I'm happy just doing what I'm doing. I feel the same. When I started I just wanted to do wrestling, to say "I'm a wrestler". Once I got more into the business, I'd say I just want to be a full-time wrestler. It was something you'd say kind of lightly. Now the whole landscape has changed because there's guys getting picked up here, there and everywhere. They're doing different things, going to America, wrestling over in Japan. Now opportunities arise every week, there's a lot coming up. So 2017 seems like it will be a bigger year..

You used to tag as 'Champagne Superb*****ks' with Noam Dar. Hows it feel now he's in WWE?

That's my pal. When I found out about it all I was in two minds. I was ecstatic for him because Noam's the most talented guy. He's helped me so much in everything we've done together. I worked with him from when I just started to just before he left, I really was ecstatic for him. But then also it clicked in my mind, coming back to what you said about goals - Noam's the same size as me, maybe a little bit bigger than me. I can't say I've got the same talent or skill he's got, I'm a different product than he is but size wise he's opened up so many doors for me or guys who are my size.

If the Cruiserweight Classic becomes an annual tournament will we see you there?

It looks like it's going to be a regular thing with 205 live and perhaps an annual tournament. If the opportunity arose to be on it I can't say I would be hesitant to make a decision on what would happen then.

Do you think focus on cruiserweights helped with ICW?

I think with Noam being announced, yes. He was announced for that before he even qualified and Id have loved his qualifying match to be against me. But now he's on WWE, it's a fantastic advertisement for ICW. Not only cruiserweight wrestling but for ICW.

What was it like to do the World of Sport pilot and to be back again for the series?

Well, to be asked to do that was great. The researchers knew everything about wrestling in Britain and what they wanted. It was an emotional two days [for the pilot] and I'm overwhelmed to have been asked to be part of something so historic.

Where do you think you might be in a year from here?

I think we just have to wait and see for a lot of things. Just to be asked to do a qualifying match for a cruiserweight tournament would be a great opportunity to showcase what I've got. The opportunities for British wrestling are huge. Guys went to Pro Wrestling Guerilla. some are with Ring of Honor, there are guys in Japan, Zack Sabre wrestled on the Cruiserweight Classic and Noam and Jack Gallagher are in WWE. Then there are all the guys that are doing the ITV show, Progress running shows in Canada, What Culture in Florida, ICW running there and the Hydro! Who'd have thought British wrestling would be that hot? To be a part of it all - I've not been around as much as a lot of folk, Noam or guys getting their shots - but I've earned my place amongst it all. I'm obviously fortunate to be in this position. I've earned my place and I'm just happy being involved in what's happening with British wrestling right now. It's amazing. Just talking about it gets me hyped and fired up talking about it all.

Well speaking to Kenny had us all fired up and if you want to get hyped, make sure to check out ICW's forthcoming shows (full details here) or the On-Demand service. We'll see you in London or at the Hydro!!