Royal Ramblings Meets Mark Haskins

Royal Ramblings Meets Mark Haskins

We'd like to suggest that Mark Haskins is at the top of his game. He's won championship after championship. From Progress to RevPro, Southside to Smash Wrestling, Haskins is top of the pile. The problem with saying Haskins has reached the top is that it suggests there's nowhere to go and yet he keeps on impressing. Go and see Mark on any show and you can guarantee you'll be fully entertained. We were lucky enough to grab some time with the man himself on a recent visit to Southside. Make sure to read on and then go and support the man that is the embodiment of the excitement and dynamism that is defining the British wrestling scene.

Mark, you're one of the top talents in the UK - where do you go from here?

To be honest I have no real idea because at this point in time I didn't even expect to be where I am now. So I'm really just sitting back, enjoying the ride and seeing where I end up. One place I'd love to end up is in Matt Hardy's back garden fighting him in a ring set up by Senor Benjamin so hopefully that will happen!

Let's hope so! Are you in good health now? You had a scare a few months back...

Well, I haven't died recently, so I'll take that as a sign the things are going in the right direction! As far as I'm aware I'm doing great.

That's reassuring! You mentioned Matt Hardy's back garden. You've already had a stint in TNA, what are your reflections on that time and what do you think of the current product?

I met a lot of cool people who helped influence me and push me in positive directions while I was there. It was a great opportunity to be in the dressing room with some of the best wrestlers in the world. I really feel that helped me move forward in the past few years. Honestly, my schedule so hectic these days, I don't really get a chance to watch much of the product. I don't even remember the last wrestling show that managed to sit down and watch that I wasn't a part of!

Haskins punishing ICW's Stevie Boy

You also spent time in Japan, did you take the British wrestling style to them or adapt to their style?

It was something where I felt like I had to bridge a gap between the two because what you had was a Japanese style of wrestling that was taught by luchadores. So you had a very hybrid mix between your Lucha Libre and your Japanese style of wrestling. Within that I had to still remain British and keep that British style while trying to adapt and flow with the already hybrid mix. So, it was a learning experience and it was a cool life experience as well because I got to be on the other side of the world in a foreign country I'd never been to before and be out there living my dream.

You recently wrestled at PWG's BOLA event, how was that?

It was insane! I loved being there, I mean you're in LA so it's never going to be anything short of an amazing time. I didn't realise how British I was until I was abroad though. I mean, the moment I found a place that sold a cup of tea I lost my mind. The same as when I was in Canada recently and found a Nandos. I lost it!

TNA, BOLA, Japan and much more - what would you consider the high point of your career?

A high point is definitely this past year to two years. I've had an amazing run. I've managed to accomplish things which I hadn't previously. It's a super exciting time as well because wrestling as a whole seems to be changing. Every day, something that you didn't expect to happen at one point has occurred. Guys you never thought would be given a shot at the big time and would never get the opportunities they're getting are taking them so it's a very exciting time to be a part of wrestling.

Is there anyone you've not faced that you'd like to?

Brock Lesnar would definitely be one. He's the biggest, baddest guy in the business. I'm open but Lesnar is number one.

Haskins is ready to take on all comers

Who do you most rate at present?

Pete Dunne. People are only just starting to realise that he's a great wrestler and I don't even think they know just how good he is. He was long overdue his time in the spotlight and I think people are now starting to get on board and realise what an incredible talent was under their noses. Another guy would be Tyler Bate, who I also think is a really incredible talent. He's really starting to make more and more noise and I think in the next year or two he'll be up there with everybody else. How can a guy with a moustache like that not be one of the top guys?! I'm genuinely envious.

People tend to do a long, drawn out chant of your surname at RevPro and Progress shows amongst others, do you find it irritating or does it amuse you?

An regards the Haaaaaskiiiiins chants - Iiiiiit's aaaaaaaaaaall gooooooooooooooooooood!

We read you don't want to be called the Star Attraction anymore?

Yeah. It just kind of feels like it was something that was part of my past that I don't really feel represents me anymore with the connotations I would expect someone deemed the star attraction to have. I just kind of see it as something that once was that isn't necessarily the case anymore. But I don't really know how to describe what I am -a hairy angry little man...just call me that. It's more accurate. This dude, he looks homeless but he's pretty angry and fired up and ready to go but you've got to watch him fight...

You certainly do. Make sure to follow what Mark calls "the ramblings of a crazy man" on twitter and Instagram @fighthaskins Make sure to visit his website and throw your support behind one of the best in the business!

RR Meets Mark Haskins


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