14/07/2017 07:49 BST | Updated 14/07/2017 07:49 BST

Royal Ramblings Meets Moose! (Part 2)

From transitioning to training, origins to future, we've already pumped Impact star Moose for plenty of juicy details in part one of our in-depth interview. Now you can find out what he thinks is his best match, who his friends are and his thoughts on the Hardy's 'broken' battle. If you want to see the man in action you should watch Moose on Impact every Friday night at 9pm on Spike UK!

Who is your favourite wrestler in the Impact locker room right now and who is the next breakout star?

My favourite, that's tough! Maybe Eddie Edwards? He's a good friend of mine and he's fun to watch. I've learned a lot from him. Breakout star? It depends on your definition. Who will make it to the top tier? Am I considered a top tier? If I am, then maybe Trevor Lee. He's an outstanding wrestler and I think is bigger than the X-Division. I think once they have seeded him and make him come up with the big boys that will boost his career.

You have a funny relationship with EC3 on Twitter. Is there good camaraderie?

EC3 is one of my good buddies and I don't have a lot of friends but he's someone I consider one of them, even thought I don't agree with his role or path, being a a**hole on camera. Sometimes everybody's not going to follow the same path but he is a good friend and I think fans see that because we joke around on Twitter and Instagram. So maybe one day I'll lead him to the good side again. Who knows, we'll see.

The Hardy's left Impact and haven't been able to use the 'broken' gimmick. Do you have any thoughts on whether or not they should be allowed to?

I have no idea because I don't know who created it. I try to stay away from stuff I don't know anything about at all. I don't have enough information to speak on it. I'm good buddies with Matt and wish him nothing but the best. I see he's doing great without the gimmick - but it is what it is.

What has been your best fan interaction?

The best interaction? I had a fan make me a cake and bring it to me at a House Show when I was in Ring of Honor because she knew it was my birthday. That wins the trophy.

Speaking of house [non-televised] shows, Impact has some coming up. Would you like to see the company do more of these?

Yeah, definitely more. I feel some of the guys polish their craft by doing them. That's how we know what we can do on TV. That's also how we make our matches on TV more crisp. You put us against a guy we'll be working with and that's how you make the matches better. That's not just making money, its about having a better TV product. When you add the monetary value of house shows it makes it that much more important - so I think it's a good thing.

Are you happy with Impact's TV numbers?

I definitely, 100% believe in Impact and what it's doing. It's not something I worry about. I don't know what the numbers are but I've heard they've gone up from the old management. I don't know exactly how much its gone up but I think that's good and that it will keep going up. If you've been watching the production value compared to how it looked five months ago - it's way different.

Do you have much creative input?

I trust that the guys there will never put me in a bad spot. Obviously sometimes you don't agree with things you get told to do but when you trust the people you work with, you trust they wont put you in a spot that will hurt you or your character. So as much as you might not agree with it, sometimes you just have to walk by faith, you know?

What's your best rib story?

I had to pay a dinner for 13 frickin' humongous guys from the NFL and it cost me like $20,000 - I don't think it will get better than that.

You said your match with Okada is your best so far. Has that view changed?

There's definitely a bunch of matches. My match with Okada was real good. I've had so many. The reason I put my one with him up there is he's someone I always looked up to and I emulated my wrestling style after him, so me being in a ring with him was a special moment in my wrestling career. I always put that as number one but if you're talking match quality there's been a bunch of matches I've had that could be my best. As of right now, I'd still put that up there. Until I win a world championship that will be my best match.

Did you enjoy working with Cody Rhodes and Brandi?

That was my first time working with them and I think we put together some outstanding stuff on TV and I hope we can do it again soon.

Finally, what is your view on the state of the industry - is it in a good place?

I think the industry is great! I hope it doesn't change and if it does, it does so for the better. I feel this is the best wrestling has been in the last 20-30 years. So hopefully it will stay strong or get even better which would be awesome.

Well the industry is only as good as its talent - and Moose is one of the best! See him on Spike UK every Friday at 9pm!