11/03/2015 07:12 GMT | Updated 09/05/2015 06:59 BST

Royal Ramblings Talks Hair vs Hair With Rockstar Spud

Over a year and a half, TNA's breakout stars Ethan Carter III (EC3) and Rockstar Spud have been working fans into a frenzy. Their camaraderie turned sour and this Sunday, 15 March at 9pm on Challenge TV (and Friday 13th on Destination America in the US), we will witness the culmination of their feud by way of a 'Hair vs Hair' match on Impact. We had the chance to question Spud about the match and more. This is a man with heart, determination and talent and someone who won't be going down this Sunday, without a fight.

What's the obsession with hair?!

I know it's advertised as a 'Hair vs Hair' match and everybody sees it as someone having their head shaved but the whole thing doesn't really have a lot to do with hair. It's more about embarrassment. This is the climax to the EC3 and Rockstar Spud movie that has been playing out for a year and a half, since they both came to TNA. It's gone from Spud being the Chief of Staff to the Carters, to him believing that he was best friends with this man that he idolised. Then when that man's aunt gets put through a table, he feels so entitled that he just can't seem to accept the blame himself but rather puts it on everybody around him and that includes his best friend. Then he bullies and berates that friend and makes him feel completely worthless but the little guy finally stands up to him. Now, for all the things that he's said to him, for the way in which he's degraded him, the little guy wants to give him a taste of his own medicine. The only way to do that is by embarrassing him like he's embarrassed other people in the past and that's where this has come from. Its Hair vs Hair but it's the climax to a year and a half story between two characters that are not TNA originals, they are new guys to the company that from day one have connected with the audience. Now they're on the main event of Impact, facing each other and I can't stress enough how important this match is and what a Rollercoaster it's been. When you see it, it's one of those wrestling matches that you'll remember for the rest of time.

As you say, you know EC3 well, can you use that against him in your match?

Well, of course! No one knows him better than me and he forgets that! Everything he's ever done, I was there. Every TNA Hall of Famer that he defeated, I was there. He feels so entitled that he's completely oblivious to his own mistakes and the fact that if it weren't for my help in a lot of these situations, he wouldn't be where he is. There were times when he used me as a human shield but I was so blinded by loyalty I'd have done anything for him. Low and behold he's turned out to be a scumbag.

I think people connect to the story because everyone has been in that situation, whether it be a girlfriend and boyfriend or a friend or family member. You put so much time into helping and supporting them and then there's one whiff of danger and they throw it in your face. I think everyone has been in that situation where they've been put down by someone and have been made to feel less than what they deserve and they just want to fight back. That's why I think everyone connects with it so much, it's just such a real feeling to be bullied and intimidated. But EC3 needs to remember I was there for him, more than I should have been and that's why he's where he is today.


Mr. Anderson has been helping you out recently. Are you friends?

Ken Anderson is a wonderful guy who has become a really good friend and a mentor as well. All our agents are fantastic and I look up to them so much. I ask them for their advice and they give it to me but I want more. I want to learn and I want to be the best. Ken's someone I'll always go to because I think he's a wonderful guy and a wonderful 'babyface'. He fights from underneath, his timings good and his promos are good. I'll always ask him about my promos. I just want to know what I can do better at all times because you don't need to know what you're doing right, you need to know what you're doing wrong. Tell me what I'm doing wrong because I want to remain humble and constantly learning. I legit want to be the best, I want to be the world champion and I want to be the best.

How big a factor will Tyrus be in the match?

I have no idea! Obviously he's been a factor before but we got a little one over him by shaving his head. At the same time, when I called out EC3 in Manchester, I said to him: no friends, no associates, just you and me, in a fight and that's all I want. If I lose, I can walk away knowing I stood up for myself but I want him to feel the embarrassment he's made other people feel and if he needs Tyrus to gang up on me....! Well, think about this. I'm 5' 4" and 150 lbs. He's the future of the company, the guy that's going to carry the torch for the rest of time, born into the business to be the guy - and he needs help to beat me? Who's the real loser here? If Tyrus gets involved I'll cross that really large bridge when it comes to it.

You can see how Spud fairs on Challenge TV at 9pm this Sunday or on Friday on Destination America in the US. Challenge is available on Freeview channel 46, Sky channels 125 and 164 and Virgin Media channel 139.