09/12/2016 06:33 GMT | Updated 10/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Royal Ramblings Decays With Rosemary (Exclusive)

Wrestling fans have been enchanted and drawn to the darkness of TNA's Decay. From the first eerie tones of their entrance music, to the awe-inspiring visual of their arrival and the havoc they wreak, Rosemary, Crazzy Steve and Abyss have been beating a violent path through the company. We had the opportunity to speak to Rosemary, fresh from her Knockouts title win and on a Decay spreading tour of Europe but perhaps we should let the Demon Assassin introduce you to her interview personally.....

What brings you to the UK?

Mmmm.......Fresh bodies. The knockouts title match wasn't enough for us. We were promised violence coming over to the UK and there's a lot of people who are hungry. TNA is popular over here and the fans know the kind of violence that we bring, so we wanted to take out some of your people as well.

Congratulations on winning the knockouts title. What's next for you?

Total domination. Men and women. We have not forgotten about the tag titles and the Hardys and the insolence they sent our way. They did defeat us in the Great War, that's true but we did not get deleted and we are not obsolete. We are decay and we are eternal. They have our tag titles and we will be back for them. And that's not all now because we haven't been taken seriously enough. We want the tag titles, we have the knockouts title. That's half the power in the company. There are three other belts and perhaps it is time for decay to spread.....

Can you give us the inside track on your relationship with Jimmy Havoc?

Jimmy Havoc, a true disciple of the violence. Obviously we were drawn to him at a time in both of our lives. The problem was him saying things like he needed us around him which was a sign of weakness. You can't need somebody else, you have to be able to draw them to you, to the violence. So Jimmy had to learn to bring that out of himself before we would consider associating with him again which we did recently....

How did you get Crazzy Steve to talk, can you tell us about your powers?

Mortals, normal humans, you consider your wealth, your money, your power to be a physical means to show people how important you are. This is how the other champions in the company want to show how important they are. People don't understand the actual manifestation of power that comes with being on top of a certain division or the supernatural power you can draw from that - for darkness or light - and obviously we choose not to go with the light. So when we won the tag titles that brought more power to decay and we were able to use the rarely seen yellow mist which brings about transformation. We used it on Abyss so that he did not need to use his mask anymore and we used it on Steve who has not had a voice for years. It gave him the ability to speak and it gave Abyss the ability to see himself as he is which is beautiful.

Could somebody else join Decay or is it exclusive?

Decay is family. Decay isn't a group of friends or something that is mistrustful. You've seen how many people are allies and then turn on each other. Decay is true family, not blood but drawn together by the darkness. Rosemary, Crazzy Steve and Abyss, we see each other for what we truly are and encourage each other. We were in their corner when they were questing for the tag titles, we were there taking just as many shots from the Hardys, from The BroMans, from Beer Money and anyone we were against. It doesn't matter because we'll put our bodies on the line for them and they put their bodies on the line for us. Absolutely, the door could be open for someone else to be a member of Decay but they would have to prove themselves. As we referenced with Jimmy Havoc, it won't be someone who is desperate to feel something but someone who is already worthy and perhaps we would be recruiting rather than accepting petition.

With changes afoot at TNA will we see more Decay in the UK?

We should hope so. Decay spreads worldwide, you can't stop it. For you to miss out on such a thing would be tragic. Some of our biggest supporters are from the UK. Decay debuted in January and that hadn't even aired on TV yet when we did the Maximum Impact tour but the crowd were signing out theme song back to us. We hadn't even been on TV yet and they knew. So to not come back to the UK, to not be on your screens, to not be in front of some of the best Impact and Decay fans in the world? Not acceptable.

...and will Rosemary be back here?

Absolutely, we love it here.

We had to finish the interview quickly as Rosemary was looking hungry and it looked like we were on the menu. Make sure to follow The Demon Assassin on Twitter , catch Impact Wrestling on Challenge TV until January and keep an eye on TNA's UK and US social media pages for further news...