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Royal Ramblings: Five Reasons To Get Networked


If you are a wrestling fan then the chances are you have already signed yourself up to the WWE Network. If not, what are you waiting for? In the best traditions of WWE's 5 things, we're offering you our top five reasons to get yourself onto WWE's Network without delay.

1) Camp WWE

The WWE Network is stuffed full of original content. Whether it's 'Legend's House', 'Breaking Ground' or 'Swerved' its rich pickings for fans that like to see their WWE Superstars not just inside the ring but behind the scenes too. This month however, the superstars were taken into 2-dimensions as Camp WWE debuted on the platform. Fans of Family Guy or American Dad will be on familiar territory with Camp WWE. The series is the brainchild of Seth Green and Matthew Senreich's 'Stoopid Buddy Stoodios' and has something for everyone including fans of the 'attitude era'. Amazingly, legends of the WWE from Ric Flair to Sgt. Slaughter have leant their vocal talents to the show but it doesn't stop there. Described as the "Big, brash, smug, billionaire in charge of Camp WWE" none other than Vince McMahon himself has shown he can have a laugh at his own expense. Have a look at some of the clips below and then get on the network to watch the series and see how John Cena, the Undertaker and other 'kids' at the camp get along!

2) WWE's Global Cruiserweight Series

Whilst 'Breaking Ground' may have been a show on the network, the concept of smashing through barriers is synonymous with WWE. Recognising the increasing interest in independent wrestling companies, WWE has reached out beyond its roster to find the top cruiserweight competitors in the world and to crown one of them the best of the bunch. The inaugural Global Cruiserweight Series will bring 32 huge talents all weighing under 205 lbs to Full Sail University in Orlando - the home of NXT - and crown a champion. The show will debut on the network on 13 July 2016 but some of the qualifying matches have already taken place here in the UK at the Progress and RevPro wrestling shows. Watch out for our man Noam Dar, one of those already confirmed to compete in the series.

3) Total Divas (and Bellas!)

Those that have the E! channel in the UK will know well the exploits of the WWE Divas. From Natalya to Paige, the top talent of WWE's Women's division have been giving fans an eye on their exploits outside the ring as well as in. Of course two of the most talked about characters in the sports entertainment world are Brie and Nikki Bella. With both taking time away from the squared circle for different reasons there is increased interest in what the future holds for the twins. It's opportune timing then that WWE has announced a 'Total Bellas' show which will follow the lives of the Bellas and the impact of their decisions on among others their respective partners Daniel Bryan and John Cena. Make sure to re-watch all the previous series of Total Divas on the Network before catching the new show!

4) WWE events

Perhaps it should go without saying that one of the greatest opportunities the WWE Network provides is to watch all of the WWE Pay-Per-Views. From Wrestlemania to the Royal Rumble, from Payback to the forthcoming Extreme Rules you won't miss the many high points on the WWE Calender. You can re-watch AJ Styles leaping from the top rope or see Roman Reigns spear Triple H to your hearts content. Of course you can also stay up and watch the action unfold live and tweet along with the WWE Universe!

5) Archive

If you, like we Royal Ramblers, are a long-term wrestling fan then chances are you'll fall in love with the WWE's treasure trove of archived content. See The Rock "layeth the smacketh down", see the Rated R Superstar Edge make multiple title defences, see Stone Cold hit his Stunners or the Ultimate Warrior come charging to the ring. Watch every Royal Rumble from the first to the most recent should you wish! One thing is for sure, with an archive this big, you will never be bored again!!

There you have it, five reasons to join the network but there are many more. Make sure to sign up, check out Camp WWE and then watch the Global Cruiserweight Series. With a second series of 'Swerved', exclusive podcasts and much, much more to come its a great time to be a WWE fan!

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