Royal Ramblings Meets The Young Bucks (Exclusive)

If you missed Ring of Honor's UK tour, you missed out. The Young Bucks and the Briscoe's wrestled what was possibly, the best match we've ever seen...

If you missed Ring of Honor's UK tour, you missed out. The Young Bucks and the Briscoe's wrestled what was possibly, the best match we've ever seen. We had the opportunity to speak with the Bucks, arguably the greatest tag team in the world and they left us buzzing about Ring of Honor's possible return. Nick and Matt Jackson discussed the Bullet Club, their future plans and more. Make sure to read on and not to miss the Bucks vs the Briscoes when they face off again at Ring of Honor's Final Battle on December 2. With Cody Rhodes facing Jay Lethal and Colt Cabana against Dalton Castle the line-up is likely the strongest card of the year in any company. UK fans can see RoH through the FITE TV app but check out details on the RoH website. For now, join us at the super kick party HQ...

How was the UK tour for you, will RoH be back?

NJ: We've enjoyed the crowds, they've been very vocal and energetic and fun.

MJ: And we've been working hard every night. to the point where I'm like "do I have it in me" and then every time we get to the show and I meet the fans and talk to my friends and I'm like "I'm ready to go", the energy comes back.

MJ: I've already heard rumours about them coming back next year

NJ: Spoiler Alert!

Wrestling companies seem to be mirroring the approach you've established in allowing talent a greater degree of flexible working. It appears to have worked particularly well for you?

MJ: We make a very good living and it's something that I think we created. There hadn't ever really been the working man's professional wrestler

NJ: There's a few; Colt Cabana, Chris hero, Joey Ryan.

MJ: We make a very good living, like WWE money without having to work there. We are our own boss. We are DIY! We literally do everything ourselves. I have a website run by my wife who ships out the merch herself. Every dollar earned, we earn it. So, there's something to admire about that, I think people like that. They want to help give. It's like punk rock almost, it's part of the underground - we're not corporate.

NJ: We know the value of a dollar though!

MJ: Yes we do! We're out there hustling and we know how hard it is to get that money in your hand, its empowering.

You're Tag-Team Champs across the world. What's next? WWE? A singles run?

NJ: Our plan is to make as much money as possible and if that's staying put with what we're doing now then so be it. If one day we have to go to WWE then maybe but whatever's for the best for our family's pretty much.

MJ: That's number one, number two is our legacy. We're tag team wrestlers. We have no interest in being singles wrestlers ever, it will never happen. We want to be the tag team that never ever split up. We love it. It's more exciting than singles wrestling in my opinion. As far as going anywhere else, it depends on the situation - right now we're happy.

NJ: We want to grow RoH and we want it to grow with us. So for now I feel like we're going to stay put. We're having fun

MJ: As an artist it's so cool to refresh yourself. RoH allows us that platform, they have that blank canvas and to come up with ideas and do things. You don't have to get it past three agents. If we want to do something, we usually go and do it or talk to one or two guys, not a roomful of people. It's very easy to come up with an idea on the way to the show and then physically watch your idea happen on video back on your phone a few hours later and there's something to be said about that. That's so cool because most wrestler's don't get to do their own thing. They're given a name, given moves, everything. We do it on our own and it's so fun. Look, we want to be the best tag team that ever lived. We really do. It used to be we wanted to be the best tag team in the world right now. No No no, we want to be the best tag team of all time. We see it bigger picture now. And a lot of people say don't you have to go to WWE for that to happen but I don't think so. I think it's changed now. So many people say the best wrestler's aren't there anymore. They wrestle for New Japan, they wrestle for PWG, and they wrestle for Ring of Honor. And for us to help open other people's eyes to see that, that's cool. I hope more people and wrestlers choose the same path because there isn't just one way of being a wrestler, you don't have to go there. People say if you're in this business and your dream isn't to be in the main event of Wrestlemania then get out of the business. Well I'll tell you right now, I swear to God my dream isn't to be in the main event of a Wrestlemania. If I was in Wrestlemania I'd probably like to open the show and do the ladder match! We don't want to be the singles champion of anywhere. It's not what I want as an artist.

NJ: Thats why we thrive as a tag team because we have that. Most wrestlers think of themselves.

MJ: They think "I can get over as a team and when we eventually split I can get a great run here" - we don't want that. That's why we're successful as a team. This is what we want. We want to be the best tag team of all time and I think we're getting there.

You were early members of the Bullet Club and it's still going strong. Is there a lot left in that story still to tell?

MJ: I think it's cool the thing we're doing with Kenny [Omega] as the sub-group, The Elite. I think that's the most interesting thing going on right now. Ok there are little mini-factions within the faction. I think it would be fun to maybe one day go babyface as The Elite. Like if let's say Bullett Club turned on us, maybe do a feud within the group. Or if they don't turn on us, we have a competitive rivalry with G.O.D? And Nick and I decide we're going to go for the belts and we have a match with them. Its Bullet club vs Bullet club. There's so many things left.

NJ: There's definitely ideas that we can do. The Bullet Club is so famous now - it's a franchise - that it would be stupid to get rid of it because everyone loves and supports it, so you might as well keep it around.

MJ: It's wrestling pop culture now. Everybody knows the skull logo.

NJ: The hardcore marks might say it's been around too long or there's too many members or whatever but hey, go up to Gedo and tell him that. He looks at how many shirts we sell and he goes "oh, we're still the most popular". There's a reason why that t-shirt is the bestselling of all time in New Japan and on PWT. It will be around until the shirts stop selling.

Whats your best rib story?

NJ: It's not just one rib, its literally every show I see Okada at. We did a meet and greet with him and Omega in New Zealand that lasted probably for three hours. As I got backstage I see Okada sitting in my gear, the full outfit ,

MJ: Tassles hanging out...

NJ: He's sleeping and Matt wakes him up and Okada wakes and says " Ive been waiting her for one hour waiting for Nick to come in for the reveal"!

MJ: He didn't realise how long we'd be gone. The lengths Okada goes to for a rib.

Finally, your reflections on Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll joining RoH?

NJ: We're very happy - it's a great gift for the company. I feel like RoH needs guys like that. We were kind of getting away from signing guys that were climbing the charts. I feel like that's a step in the right direction because those are the guys that we need. We need a roster full of guys that want to kill it every night. That's what RoH was all about back in the day.

MJ: Guys like War Machine are stepping up big time, Dijak, Lio Rush. I would like to get a guy like Chris Hero here as I feel like he's the best wrestler in the world. We lost Roddy and I think he'd be the perfect replacement. He can have a good match with anybody, he's a coach and knows how to talk to people and younger guys. We need that.

NJ: We need guys like that. Will Ospreay's nuts. It's amazing to see what he does five years in, something crazy like that. Marty, we've known him a little while. He's always been good. We've only wrestled him twice and the chemistry we have with him in the ring is crazy.

MJ: I'd like to get Zack Sabre Jr here, I think he's awesome. I'm glad Colt Cabana's back because he's tremendous.

NJ: I feel like we already have a great roster but I want the elite in RoH. Pun intended.

MJ: Yeah, I want Kenny to come here so we can do the elite!

Well that's certainly one to look forward to. You can catch RoH via the FITE TV app in the UK and won't want to miss Final Battle on December 2. Look out for future UK dates and for details of the UK show DVD releases!


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