27/02/2017 06:25 GMT | Updated 26/02/2018 05:12 GMT

Soon... I Promise

littlestocker via Getty Images

Oh how I laugh when I think back to how long it used to take for an internet connection to be made. That funny 'outer space' sound like the computer gurgling with mouthwash.

How ridiculous that I used to send postcards from my holiday destination- that then arrived two weeks after my return.

How quaint that I would make arrangements to meet someone a week on Wednesday at a certain time and place and trust they would turn up.

Now I'm not sure how quickly my mind and body is able to go but these days but I am sure as hell trying to keep up.

The messages come thick and fast from all four corners of the world.

I see film footage of a long lost civilisation that was (breaking news) discovered just minutes ago.

I hear that Beyonce has just had a raw vegetable salad for lunch and my friend is going to be seven minutes later than expected.

I have requests from people I have never met, invitations to events I've never heard of and voicemail messages about a car accident I wasn't in.

I have people I haven't got back to, work I haven't done and goals I haven't started.

I have TV to catch up on and box sets to re-live.

I have photos to delete and documents to sort and emails to archive.

It is getting pretty busy. But I am sure as hell trying to keep up.

I want the queues to move faster, the trains to arrive sooner, the person standing on the left of the escalator to just frigging move over!

I want the waiter to serve quicker, the bill to arrive swiftly, the traffic lights, those interminable traffic lights, to turn green.

I'd like to soup to heat quicker, the chicken to roast faster, the vegetables to be peeled and chopped previously so I can just get this meal bloody well sorted.

Can I keep up? Stay up? Make up?

Can I meet the speeds around me, can I match the machines?

Work smarter, not faster! I hear the cries from people in high towers, peering at their screens, their phones, their headsets.

I think I've reached my limit. I think I'm over cooked. I think I've gone too far.

My body needs more caffeine. My body needs more sleep. My nerves need more alcohol.

I'm lost in this flurry. And I sure as hell can't keep up.

I forget to smile. No time for 'thank you'. Quality time: that can come later.

I'll remember tomorrow, we will get together soon...honest.

If I can just get through this busy patch, once this is done, just a few more days.

Soon, I promise.