Area 51 - Myth or Reality?

A name that most members of the public would have heard off, either from TV or from the press. It is probably the world's most top secret military installation and depsite official denial and confirmation that it exists, the world is aware that it is there.

A name that most members of the public would have heard off, either from TV or from the press. It is probably the world's most top secret military installation and depsite official denial and confirmation that it exists, the world is aware that it is there.

Also known as Dreamland or Groom Lake, it's a real place, a top secret military installation that I have seen and been detained on for tresspass.

Why could entering this part of the Nevada desert cost you your life? Is the US Government hiding UFOs there and using their technology to build craft unimaginable?

Situated about 85 miles North West of Las Vegas in the Nevada desert, the official maps stop. Nothing beyond that point is 'clearly named' or pointed out. This is a vast area of roads, creeks, mountains, bunkers and a huge five mile runway. Signs warn of trespassing and photography and if your caught then you could face a fine, six months in jail or a visit from the secret services and even death threats. If you 'disappeared' your body would never be found, say the boundary security guards aka 'Camo Dudes'.

I got caught trespassing on the base on 14 May 2012. I was filming a UFO documentary and although we were harmless to security, it turned out to be one of the most frightening days of my life. It was literally a case of being held at gunpoint face down in the dirt for three solid hours, thinking that you may never see your family again.

But I took in what I saw and heard, and lying there on the ground I suddenly realised that we should not be ignoring the fact that this base has a big secret to hide.

So it's a real place and it's reality, what about all the hype regarding Extra Terrestrial technology?

The base was founded in 1954 as a top secret facility in which Lockheed Aircraft Corporation could develop spy planes for the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency). Area 51 is still home to some of the most futuristic projects that man has ever been capable of making. The stealth bomber was tested here, along with other unconventional aircraft.

Read more on the aircraft" >here.

It has always been shrouded in mystery and is well known with conspiracy theories and myths and some elaborate stories. The USAF (United States Air Force) only admitted it's existence in 1994 but only because it represented the cutting edge of technology.The only trouble with this, is that the technology was not American. Neither were the people that built it, and both are from outer space...

Ever since the base was established, people have reported odd looking objects and craft in the sky above Nevada. The claims have always rubbished by the authorities, but denial soon turned to embarrassment when one of their own alleged that not only were UFOs above Area 51, but the USAF was actively working with Extra Terrestrial technology.

The whistle blower was a man called 'Bob' Lazar. He was contract scientist who worked on the base from December 1988. He revealed in 1989 that the US Government was then working on nine flying saucers and were trying to reverse engineer and adapt the extra terrestrial technology.

He then went on to describe another top secret area nearby called the 'S4' site which can be found next to Papoose Lake within Area 51. This is where the Extra Terrestrial craft were stored, and he revealed that he was part of a team of 22 engineers who had the job of trying to figure out how the propulsion systems operated.

S4 is also belived to be the place where a crashed UFOs from Roswell and Aztec where taken and there inhabitants stored in large grey canisters deep underground.

According to Lazar, S4 was an underground complex which went right underneath a whole mountain range. When he worked on the craft he described them of having "no physical seams, no welds, bolts or rivets." He described the propulsion unit as "a baseball sized object that radiated an anti-gravity field through the centre of the craft."

These were incredible claims to make, but since the claims he made more than a dozen or so people have come forward over the years with supporting evidence and claims.

Year after year people visit Area 51 and try to get as close as they can. Belive me I tried and was lucky to get off with a fine of $600. But more questions need to be asked...

Why has the US Government never officially confirmed the base even though everyone knows it's there?

What really is being hidden or stored there, that suggests having a 25 mile boundary in place?

We may never know the answers to these questions, but slowly over time more information is becomign available and only time will tell.

Still 'something' is certainly happening deep in the Nevada desert. We know that the secret 'black programs' exist, and they are said to eat up over $35 billion of public cash every year. But there is more to it than this...

The craft are ultra secret, silent and incredibly fast. They can cloak themselves so that they disappear from the naked eye, and it is said that they can with stand massive G forces. All this and the finger points frimly in the direction that it was all developed from Extra Terrestrial technology.

The staff that work there all live in the state and travel from places such as Las Vegas by private aircraft or commute from places such as nearby Alamo and Rachel. They are bound by data protection and secrecy and have to undergo very strict criteria to even be able to work on or near the base.

The bottom line is that Area 51 is no myth. It's reality... and it really does have some weird and wonderful things. The question is who gave us the technology and where did it really come from...

Read more about my trip to the USA and Area 51 on my website blog: UFO Shropshire


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