24/05/2017 05:00 BST | Updated 24/05/2017 06:42 BST

Ee-arr Terrorism, This Is Manchester. We Do Things Differently Here

Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Ee-arr Terrorism,

On Monday you deliberately attacked a children's concert in our great city, Manchester. You murdered 22 innocent people, injured and traumatised many more. You should know without any doubt that we don't condone that sort of shit here regardless of our age, race, religion, sex or sexual preference.

You see, when a disgraceful excuse of a human-being attacks our city (let alone a children's concert you evil, despicable vermin), we do not turn on each other.

You sought to divide us, but your only achievement was bringing us together and making us stronger than ever, today our city was one, and we flipped you and your barbaric ideology the V's - BIG TIME!

Mancunian means Mancunian, and we will not turn on Muslims anymore than we turned on the Irish in '96. You're scum, not Muslim, that clear yeah?

Mate, we've got JD bags older than your terrorist bullshit, and the Manchester Muslim community showed you in the firmest possible way that you DO NOT represent them!

Our Muslim Mancunian brothers and sisters worked through the night around the clock with us. Taxi drivers gave up their night's pay to transport the stranded home safely, free of charge without any hesitation.

Restaurant owners flung open their doors to create a refuge to help those families cut off from each other to reunite.

And everyday members of the public opened their doors and offered people a safe place to stay, drove into town to offer lifts home for those stranded, whilst others and have queued around the block all day and caused websites to crash to give blood.

NEVER forgetting, of course, as always our emergency services were epic in the face of adversity.

Our community spirit is stronger than any hatred you could hope to poison us with. We embrace multiculturalism better than anywhere else in the world, we're proud of it, we've been doing it for years you muppet, and you probably should have done your homework a bit better.

This is Manchester. We do things differently here.


My most sincere condolences to the families who tragically lost their loved ones, and to the many more left traumatised by the attack. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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