03/06/2013 13:40 BST | Updated 03/06/2013 13:40 BST

Britain's Got Talent 2013 Semi Final Show Three

By 10pm it will be three shows down, three to go....Are you feeling the excitement yet? Two more places tonight in the final up for grabs.

First up was Freelusion the 3D interactive dance show. It was a unique performance, clever moving artwork that the dancers used to perform  visually outstanding  entertainment. Something away from the norm, this is what makes this show a joy to watch.

Fingers crossed for bricklaying singer Robbie Kennedy who was up next. Nerves got the better of him at the start of his performance, but like any star, he worked through it and he finished with a bang. 

If Pink is your favourite colour, then you were given a real treat tonight. Magician Stevie Pink and his pussy sidekick.  Well, when he finally stopped talking, it was well, a load of hocus pocus. 

Come on Pre-Skool don't let me down...or I will put you in detention.

Headmaster Midas need not worry, they were absolutely fantastic. I watched the whole performance with a big smile on my face. Great routine, A stars and lolly pops all round. 

Up next was Thomas and his bouncing balls (leave it). I really wanted to like this guy, as he has real passion for his art. Not going to lie, I got bored. Next. 

Rosie O'Sullivan do me a favour, ignore the negative people, you are phenomenal, your voice was note and pitch perfect. Class 

Dance teacher Joseph Hall, you did your daughters and wife proud tonight. It was a joy to watch and I only wish it had lasted longer. I agree with the judges, it was the act of the night so far. 

After the last two unbelievable performances MC Boy had a lot to live up too. Twenty seconds in I pressed my imaginary buzzer. It's a no from me.

The last act up tonight were Luminites. I was really looking forward to this after their memorable first audition. One of the best acts I have ever had the privilege to watch on this show, ever. What a chemistry, what vocals, world blooming class. The judges gave them a standing ovation, I joined them. 

Right, now we wait for the results...

The winner of the public vote was Luminites.

Pre-Skool and Joseph Hall faced the judges vote, but they couldn't decide so it went to the public vote.

Pre-Skool came out on top and join Luminites in the Final.