19/05/2013 16:28 BST | Updated 19/05/2013 16:28 BST

Britain's Got Talent 2013 Show Six Review

The opening of tonight's show reminded us all that Britain has talent, we really do, but even with a gift, you have to impress our fearless four judges.

The opening of tonight's show reminded us all that Britain has talent, we really do, but even with a gift, you have to impress our fearless four judges.

So, as week six kicked off, whose for the high jump, well Le Quebrade High Divers actually. Fearless, talented and a tiny bit crazy, winners no, great pr for their work, yes.

Mind blowing illusionist Stevie Pink wore, well pink and levitated his assistant around his head. Huh? It was very tacky 80's, but crazy clever and I have no idea how he did it. Four yeses. None for the puppet cat though. What a shame....

After revelling in our 2012 winners Ashleigh and Pudsey, (whom I predicted), it was time to meet our first batch of contenders for their crown.

Patty the Donkey, Kimberley and Melanie the Racoon, League of Extraordinary Groomers and Rappaw the dog, were all, well pants. Pudsey, you can sleep well tonight, your crown is safe from these pretenders. 

Part 3 started with the fantastic Joseph Hall, a dancer who I am sure has borrowed a few moves from me. Ventriloquist Steve Hewlett followed and he looked very good, shame he didn't get more air time as I would have enjoyed this act.

Now behind every big act and artist, there are some brilliant backing singers who very rarely get their time in the limelight. So ladies and gentlemen of the UK, please meet Andy Playfoot, Louise Bagan, Katie Holmes, Craig Stein and Lloyd Wade aka Band of Voices. 

Wow, wow, wow, absolutely brilliant, near on perfection with their "Price Tag" rendition, and likeable people. I could watch them all night. See you in London. 


It was time then to impress single lady Alesha, apparently now on the look out for a boyfriend. E3 Brothers, Manni, Luciel Johns and Future Kicks did their best to impress Ms Dixon, but sadly to no avail.

Who next on the potential date list...

Maarty Broekman gave us an early glimpse of Eurovision with his electro pop original song called "backdoor lover" (leave it). Yes it was dated but it was fun with a capital F. 'my Simon' hated it, but thankfully the rest of the judges loved it and Maarty sneaked through.

Poppin' Ron got though by doing some, well, poppin and dance moves, which again I think were taken from me. 

Then what has to be one of the most emotional auditions, ever on BGT, we met Aliki. 

Aliki told the judges that she was diagnosed with focal encephalitis a few years ago leading to the loss of all co-ordination, speech and movement, resulting in her mum having to do everything for her until she recovered. 

Singing the poignant "Wake me up" by Evanescence, Aliki was amazing, her voice and range were staggering. By the end of her performance, everyone was up on their feet giving her a much deserved standing ovation. Well done and good luck Aliki. 

A great end to another great week of BGT auditions. 

Right I'm off to write our 2014 Eurovision song with Maarty, with my dance moves and his singing talent, we can't fail...see you next week