28/05/2014 08:58 BST | Updated 27/07/2014 06:59 BST

Britain's Got Talent 2014 Semi Final Two

Forget the World Cup, this is the ultimate knock out competition. Time to decide who will be counted out or who will still be standing and join Collabro and Darcy in the BGT final.

Tonight Team Midas enter the arena in the shape of Ed Drewett and SweetChix. All I would say is this, give it your all and then win or lose, you can walk away with your head held high.

Start the bell. It's time for act one.

Winner of the best hair award for BGT 2014 definitely goes to dance troupe Mini Moves. They are seriously quite good dancers too. The staging was simple but effective and their outfits were very cool. Awesome start to the show and a great advert for hairspray!

Right here we go, the first of the Team Midas semi-finalists performs. Singing his own song, 'Blink' its Mr Ed Drewett. Not being at all biased, (well maybe a little) this is a smash hit. I agree with Amanda, I can already hear that blaring out of my radio. Just hope the public get behind him tonight.

Get your coats on, we are going outside for stunt team BoldDog. Blimey it's chilly, thankfully the guys warmed us up with an amazing show of jumps and tricks. Good stuff. Can I go back in now?

West End star of the future Jodi Bird showed everyone why she made the semi-final. It wasn't perfect but when she hit the high notes of 'Let it Go'. Wow. I certainly wasn't 'Frozen' after that. 

Next up for Team Midas it's Essex girl band SweetChix. The harmonies were great, vocally nothing more they could have done. I agree with Simon and Alesha. The potential is huge, like massive. 

I laughed my head off during Ricky K's first audition will he improve with his second?  Well, sadly no, it started off ok, but then went a bit flat. I agreed with Simon, it was nowhere near as good as the first audition. Sorry Ricky. 

Yes, The Addict Initiative are a dance troupe (not usually me) but they are different and spooky (totally 100% me). I blooming loved them first time around and they were within an inch of becoming a Team Midas act. It is dance with a story and very entertaining. 10/10. I can't dance Addict Initiative but can I please join? 

Next is a load of puppets. No, really it is aka Kony Puppets. Well, what can I say. I was right the first time. It really is a load of puppets. The first act to be buzzed off. Game over. 

Last up is James Smith, a good performance here and he is a cert for the final in what is, a very open semi-final. What a vocal, pitch perfect and memorable. Performance of the night by a mile. Amazing stuff. 

Right, now it's over to you. Next is the result.

The winner of the public vote was James Smith. 

The two facing the judges vote are The Addict Initiative and Jodi Bird. 

The Addict Initiative came out on top Three votes to One. 

Sadly it's the end of the road for Team Midas' Ed Drewett & SweetChix  but it has given them both a huge platform. Good luck for the future. 

Right, I'm off to bed, see you tomorrow night