03/07/2015 13:41 BST | Updated 03/07/2016 06:59 BST

Scream MTV Series: A UK Fans View

Ask anyone that really knows me and they will tell you, aside from my work on Reality TV shows like the X Factor & The Voice, my other love is The Scream franchise. (and of course my family)

2nd May 1997, saw the UK release of the film Scream, a film that changed my life...will the new 10 episode MTV series do it justice?

I still vividly remember going to watch Scream at the cinema. It blew my mind. I also remember the man who was sat in front of me, who, before the film started was all loud and cocky, but once the films' terrifying opening scene with Drew Barrymore got going, he quickly sank down in his seat.

I feel a great deal of affection towards The Scream films. They have helped me raise thousands of pounds for various charities over the years, as a result of the, 'scare' nights I have arranged alongside Tim Wagstaff, who also doubles as the great icon, with full permission from Mr R.J Torbert, the Director of Licensing for Ghost Face®

Fast forward 18 years and MTV have rebooted the famous franchise as a TV series and Tuesday (30th June 2015) saw its premiere in the US (it is now available for UK viewers on YouTube)

I was genuinely excited and even set a countdown on my phone ahead of the MTV show starting, (yes, sad I know). I followed MTV's Scream page on Twitter and patiently waited for trailers and news. The first trailer was good, the second was even better.

We got a glimpse of the new mask and I have to admit, I really liked it. It was darker and still very, very scary.

Finally, after months of waiting and a day after it aired in the US, MTV made the series premiere available for UK viewers on YouTube. I loaded it on my phone, synced it with my television and waited, nervously but excited. Please MTV don't let me down.

I won't give anything away but the new Scream revolves around a new town, called Lakewood. A town that still lives in the shadow of dead? serial killer Brandon James.

After nearly 44 minutes The credits rolled and I had a big smile on my face, a very big smile. Hold on tight are my honest thoughts on the premiere.

I thought the first episode of Scream MTV was awesome. It had a very good feel to it and I think it will just get better and better. It even included, the obligatory Scream phone call from our 'friend'. Emma (Willa Fitzgerald) and Noah (John Karna) were the stand-outs for me. They have good, but different enough, similarities to Sidney and Randy from the first film.

Tim Wagstaff, owner of said about the first show "The backstory is interesting but it still needs to open up fully"

The lake town setting makes it creepy and unsettling and if the story & action continues to gather momentum, then I think this will be a huge winner, for everyone concerned, including the loyal Scream fans.

During the show premiere Noah says "You can't do a slasher movie as a TV series" Well Noah, MTV can.