03/03/2014 08:04 GMT | Updated 02/05/2014 06:59 BST

The Voice 2014 Battle Round Show One

After seven weeks of auditions it's time for the remaining acts to face the battle rounds.

After seven weeks of auditions it's time for the remaining acts to face the battle rounds.

Good luck to everyone and without being biased, (well just a little) best wishes to the 12 Team Midas acts.

Let's get ready to rumble...

First up for Team Will, it's Jermain vs Sarah.

I felt Sarah was trying a little to hard and I think she is much better than she came across tonight. Jermaine on the other was effortless and he came across much better in the ring and vocally. 

The winner was: Jermain. No steal so Sarah goes home.

Next up for Team Kylie it's Jimmy vs Lee.

Jimmy started off much better and the song suited his voice, Lee seemed to be aware of this and the pressure made him up his game. Lee won but personally I would have gone for Jimmy.

Round three, I mean battle three is between Team Sir Tom's Sally and country girl Talia.

Sally has an amazing voice, controlled and very strong. This woman is a major threat. We could already be looking at a finalist. Talia did her best but against an on-form Sally, it wasn't enough. Sally continues in the competition. Talia goes home.

It's time for a Team Ricky battle round as Beth takes on Tila and Tavelah. This was a very tough one to call. Both acts came with their a games but Beth sneaked through.

Team Kylie returned to the ring with Leo vs Steven.  I strongly fancy Leo to win this and his previous experience will help in such an intense atmosphere.  From the minute they started singing it was Leo all the way and he won. But in a great twist, Team Tom used his 'steal' and Steven lives to 'fight' another day

After all these battles, I need a rest...thanks for the water Mrs M.

Bizzi and Kenny stepped up for the next Team Tom sing off. This was an amazing battle. Bizzi showed off his vocal and bam, Kenny came back fighting. In terms of stage presence I would have also gone with the eventual winner Bizzi.

Team Midas's Callum took on Tom in what was officially a Team Will battle.

Good start from Callum, great comeback from Tom, in fact they both sound very similar. I agreed with Ricky, they actually performed like they were an experienced duo. Which is a huge compliment. 

Get in, I mean well done Callum. 12 Midas acts remain in the competition. 


Midas acts are like a bus, when one comes along, another one quickly follows.

Next up for Team Kylie our very own Jai takes on Nomakhosi. This was another close one to call and they both have amazing voices. Great job girls. 

Two Midas acts are now through to the next stage. Well done Jai. Thankfully Will used his 'Steal' and Nomakhosi remains in the competition.

Team Ricky pitted Kelsey-Beth against Emily. Personally I thought Emily was vocally much stronger and has the bigger potential. 

In Sir Tom's next sing off, Celestine just edged it for me but please keep it at Mairead, your time will come. 

The third Midas act to sing tonight is Anna who has a tough battle against Jessica. 

I love Anna's voice and stage presence, she stands out for me and that's what being a pop star is all about. You either have it or you don't. Anna has it. Jessica has a powerhouse vocal and she has come back really determined this year. Great sing off.

Anna won and progresses to the next round. Jessica was 'stolen' by Team Ricky.

Last up its Christina Marie vs Nathan. 

Wow, this was amazing, I loved Christina Marie (refer to show one review) at her first audition, I love her even more now. Blooming amazing. Nathan was also a different class but for me it's Christina. 

At this time, I would like to use my 'steal' and Christina Marie joins Team Midas.

What a week, three Midas acts performed (well four in the end) and all four are in the next round. Well done everyone. 

Right, I'm off to rinse my gum shield, see you next week.