10/03/2014 10:45 GMT | Updated 09/05/2014 06:59 BST

The Voice 2014 Battle Round Show Two

As the battle commenced last week it was a nervy, but successful, round for Team Midas. All four acts, including 'steal' act Christina Marie, progressed to the knock outs.

As the battle commenced last week it was a nervy, but successful, round for Team Midas. All four acts, including 'steal' act Christina Marie, progressed to the knock outs.

Fingers crossed the remaining nine give it their best shot. Seconds out, round two...let the battle continue.

First up is Team Midas' Chris Royal vs Jamie and it's a battle of contrasts. Rock vs Pop. Not being at all baised but Chris totally smashed it. Vocally much better than Jamie, who still, don't get me wrong, did a sound performance. Ricky declared Chris as the winner.

Team Kylie's battle is a real toughy as Rachael and Amelia are both on my team. Pants. This is going to be a tough one to call.

Rachael got off to a cracking start, great vocals. Amelia fought back with effortless singing. My god, these girls are both awesome. Please pick them both Kylie. Sadly she can't and her final decision and her winner was Rachael. I want to wish Amelia all the best for the future. Keep at it, you are a star in the making.

No rest for me as Team Will brings forward another Midas act (I'm going to say this a lot tonight) Kiki DeVille, who goes in to battle with James. Goosebumps from them both, this is what I call a battle. Wow Kiki and James are blooming amazing. One of the best battles to date. James wins, which sadly means Team Midas loses an act. Good luck for the future Kiki.

Phew this is hard tonight, I'm not just losing Midas acts, I'm losing friends. Deep breaths Dean....

After a bit of hiccup with their first song pick by Sir Tom, it's time for Vicky vs Melissa. The girls both look amazing, can they match it with the vocals? From the start Melissa sounded strong, very strong. Vicky gave it everything, I mean everything, but I agreed with Sir Tom when he chose Melissa.

It's the battle of the guitarists next for Team Ricky as Myles takes on Max. This should be a good one. It sounded unusual, or maybe the song didn't suit them. Either way I wasn't overly impressed. If I had to call it, I would go with Myles. Ricky completely disagreed and picked Max.

Back to the action for Team Midas as the awesome Sophie May Williams takes on Cherri. Sophie May is one of our trump cards, she oozes star quality. I loved this battle, chilled music alongside two phenomenal voices. Loved them both. Sophie May got the nod. Get in. Just want to say, keep at it Cherri. You are brilliant.

Mrs M I need a blooming drink. Just to help calm my nerves.

No rest for the wicked as Team Kylie brings forward another Midas act in the shape of Joe Keegan. He takes on his good friend Jamie. They both did a fantastic job and should be very proud, in a close call. Kylie went with Jamie. This isn't the last we have seen of Joe though. He is a very talented young man.

There is no let up tonight and Team Midas pick, Iesher hopes to be good enough to beat Femi, as Will watches on. Femi looked relaxed, then Iesher started singing and bam. She already sounds and looks like a pop star. I am glad Femi was stolen as against most other acts, he would have won easily.

Sir Tom picked Midas pick Georgia vs Leverne and it was clear during the VT, that these two are not best buddies. The energy was with Georgia and she got the crowd jumping and on side. Vocally, they were both very good, but again, in my opinion Georgia sneaked it. Sir Tom (thankfully) agreed and Georgia makes the next round.

The Leona Lewis twins aka Gemyni were up against powerhouse singer Jade. I would be dumbstruck if Jade doesn't win this. At times, it was all a bit shouty. In their defence, singing the Britney classic, Hit me Baby One More Time, is very difficult, so I will give them the benefit of the doubt. After a few deliberations, Jade won.

Sir Tom took his last duo in to battle in the shape of Gary vs Elesha. Again, this was so close to call, when people give absolutely everything, you really can't complain or be upset. In the end Sir Tom went with Gary.

The last pairing was Jazz and Midas pick Luciee. Two unique voices, who both already look like ready made young pop stars. I think their voices are like marmite, you will either love or loathe them. Well, I love marmite and I would sign both of these acts tomorrow. Jazz got the nod ahead of Luciee, but the three remaining judges all said, if they had a steal remaining, they would have picked Luciee. If you are reading this Luciee, get in touch.

So, as we head to the knock outs, Team Midas remaining acts are: Georgia, Iesher, Sophie, Anna, Callum, Christina, Chris, Jai and Rachael.

Right, I'm off for a lie down....see you next week