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The Voice 2014 Knockout Show Two

Last night the knockout rounds kicked off with Team Kylie and Team Sir Tom picking their teams. Tonight it's over to Team Will and Team Ricky.

Last night the knockout rounds kicked off with Team Kylie and Team Sir Tom picking their teams. Tonight it's over to Team Will and Team Ricky.

Team Midas has already had to suffer the loss of Jai, but Georgia and Rachael both made next weekends live shows. Can Iesher, Sophie, Anna, Callum, Chris and Christina join them....time will tell.

It's time for the knockout round part two...First up for Team Ricky is Jessica.

The song choice (La La La) was dubious and it was a huge gamble. A gamble that didn't pay off, in my opinion. Sorry Jessica.

Team Midas' Chris has a big voice and Somewhere Over the Rainbow is a big, big song. Wow, goosebumps, I was totally blown away. This lad is a serious contender

16 year old Beth followed Chris and along with her guitar she sang 'Teenage Dirtbag' in fact she sang it very well. Great job.

I have high hopes for Team Midas' Christina, she has the whole package. Voice, image and looks. Now that's how to sing. Leona Lewis you have competition. World class.

In her own words, who want to follow that? Well Jazz, you followed it in style. Blimey the singing is of such a high standard, I really wouldn't want to be in Ricky's shoes tonight.

After such powerful phenomenal voices Max needed a big performance. He gave it everything but I don't think it was enough.

Last up was Emily. Now after that performance I doubly wouldn't want to be Ricky. Another great vocal. Just three places and at least five of them were good enough to proceed to the lives.

Team Ricky's three picks for the lives are: Chris, Christina and Emily. Well done to Team Midas' Chris and Christina. That's now four acts in the live shows.

Team Will's knockout round will be very hard, as there are four of Team Midas performing...oh pants.

James went first and did a brilliant job of 'Love Hurts' I loved it, whatever happens tonight, I think James has a very good future ahead of him.

Can Team Midas' Iesher pull it out of the bag, well yes, she didn't just pull it out of the bag, she walloped it a country mile. She has no idea how good she is. Brilliant.

Next up for Team Will/Midas is Callum. The song is a risk (Sound of the Undeground) but when you have the vocal tone of Callum, it's a piece a cake. He made a hard song sound very easy.

Like Sally last night, I see Jermaine as a big threat to one of Team Midas winning the Voice. I could honestly listen to him sing all night, there is no higher compliment I could give him. Well done.

Anna was one of the first picks for us and I love her uniqueness. I am willing her to do well. Her voice is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Anna you couldn't have done anymore.

Will's 'steal' act Nomakhosi would on any other occasion breeze through to the lives but the competition is so tough.

Come on Sophie...

You guessed it, last up is Team Midas' Sophie. The show is called the voice and Sophie has that and some. Its effortless singing at it's very best.

Team Will's three picks for the lives are Iesher, Jermaine and Sophie. Well done to Team Midas acts Iesher and Sophie but very sad to see Anna and Callum leave us tonight. If you are reading this, please give me a call.

At the start of The Voice, I was asked to pick my own team, Team Midas. We have faced the blind auditions, the battle rounds and now the knockouts. We head to the lives with Six of the 12 Finalists. Well done everyone.

Right, I'm off to hand my application in to Mr Cowell...see you next week.