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The Voice 2014 Knockout Show One

To get this far, they have faced the blind audition and had to go one to one in the battle round. Tonight, it's one song, one chance. Welcome to the knockouts.

To get this far, they have faced the blind audition and had to go one to one in the battle round. Tonight, it's one song, one chance. Welcome to the knockouts.

So how will it work Dean? Well let me tell you adoring public. From each team of seven, (well, nine for us) only three will make it through to next weeks live shows.

The knockout round is over two nights and starts with Team Kylie and Team Sir Tom. As you may know from reading my previous reviews, Team Midas have our own star team, so good luck tonight to Rachael, Jai and Georgia.

Former streets singer Leo, had the pressure of going first. Leo does a sound job but I don't think it was the best song choice. I think he could be in trouble after that.

Team Midas' Jai took on the Scissor Sisters and won. I like her tone, image and I would sign her tomorrow. Hopefully she will still be in and my offer can wait.

Two down, five to go....

Great vocal as ever from Jade but it's all a bit underwhelming. That's not a dig at Jade, I think she is brilliant. I would have chosen a different song.

Careless whisper is a hard song to sing but Lee did an amazing job. He is the best of the night so far. I think he may have just sneaked into Kylie's top three.

Femi really put the cat amongst the pigeons with his take on 'California Dreamin' he oozes quality. Oh Kylie, you have a hard job tonight.

Team Midas' little starlet Rachael O'Connor is brilliant, I mean look and listen to her. You are looking at a ready made pop star. With the right songs and backing, she could be huge whether she wins or loses The Voice.

Last up is Jamie with a bit of 'Sex on Fire'. Wow, this is very good. After that vocal, I would be taking him in to the lives. Awesome.

The three singers Kylie Minogue is taking to the lives are: Lee, Jamie and Rachael. Well done all. Sadly Team Midas loses Jai. Good luck for the future, but Rachael marches on to the lives.

Sir Tom is sat in his chair smiling, but now the pressure is on his shoulders.

I must say, I'm loving Emma Willis' hair. It is modelled on my own......without the gel. Anyway enough of hair, back to the singing.

Celestine sang a Randy Crawford and sounded, just like Randy Crawford. A huge compliment no less but at this stage, you need to be your own entity.

I really like Melissa and this was a unusual but quirky version of, 'I Love Rock and Roll.' Very impressed.

The tone and vocal quality started well for Gary. Was it as good as Melissa and Celestine. No.

Izzy wizzy it's time for Bizzi. I must be honest, I'm on the fence with Bizzi. I can't knock his vocal ability but I don't know in what genre he fits.

Bubbly, bouncy and fun, Team Midas pick Georgia is always memorable and the thing I really like about her is that she always sings with a smile on her face. She also has an amazing voice. Did I say I like her...

Following Georgia was going to be difficult for Steven but he really went for it and even for a renound pro Mika's 'Grace Kelly' is a hard song to sing, especially as this stage. I honestly don't think he could have done anymore. Good job.

Even before tonight, I saw Sally as a big threat to Team Midas. After tonight that multiplied. This woman is blooming awesome. Effortless vocals.

The three singers Sir Tom is taking to the live shows are: Sally, Georgia and Bizzi. Well done to Team Midas' Georgia, who continues on to the live shows.

Sunday night it's over to Team Will and Team Ricky, with Iesher, Sophie, Anna, Callum, Chris and Christina still to go for Team Midas

Right, I'm off to see Emma's hair dresser....see you soon