The Voice 2014 Quarter Final

Team Will get us up and running with Jermain and far from being a load of politics, it was in fact a solid start. Good vocal, loads of woohs and note perfect. Well done mate.

I can't believe we are already facing the live shows and can I just say what an amazing first series it's been for me. I will definitely be renewing my contract. I may even have to upgrade the spinning chair to something a bit more high tech!

The remaining twelve, (six are from Team Midas) need to calm their nerves and give it their all. It's time for the quarter final.

Team Will get us up and running with Jermain and far from being a load of politics, it was in fact a solid start. Good vocal, loads of woohs and note perfect. Well done mate.

Team Midas' Sophie May gave us a goosebumps version of 'Moon Dance'. The show is called The Voice and Sophie certainly has that. It's unique and naturally strong.

Another Team Midas act, leasher, followed with 'Rather Be'. I totally agreed with Sir Tom, Iesher hit every note and already looks like a pop star. With the right producers and a little more experience I think the future is rosy for Iesher, whatever happens tonight.

Will's fast pass and automatically through to the semi final is Jermain. Sophie and Iesher now face the public vote.

Team Kylie's team kicked off with Jamie and although it was good, it wasn't perfect. But, when it was great, it was blooming great.

Lee followed with, 'Help Me Make it Through The Night' It was another strong performance. The two lads on Team Kylie have really blossomed and are now a major threat.

Rachael concluded proceedings for Team Kylie and someone needs to sign this pop princess. She is ready to go, great look and an awesome voice.

Kylie's fast pass is Jamie. Lee and Team Midas' Rachael now face the public vote.

First up for Team Sir Tom was Bizzi. I'm really on the fence with Bizzi. I love his voice, he is a likeable guy but I'm struggling to pick him over some of the others.

Sally is blooming amazing, I love her, every performance is totally on the money. I said weeks ago she was a threat to Team Midas winning. She's isn't just a threat, she IS the threat. Well done Sally.

Team Midas' Georgia followed Sally and it's no secret I love Georgia. She is the kind of act I want on Midas Talentpr. Good singer with a infectious personality. Brilliant job Georgia.

Sir Tom's fast pass was Sally. Georgia and Bizzi face the public vote.

The final team to perform were Team Ricky. Chris Royal has delivered from day one. He can sing anything and everything. He said he was nervous tonight but boy you couldn't tell. Amazing Chris.

Emily followed Chris and it was energetic and vocally great. My concern for Emily is the other two in the team are very, very strong. Based on tonight, Emily couldn't have done anymore.

I love Christina, she is one of the best singers I have ever seen during my time reviewing reality TV shows. Yes, ok, she is on Team Midas but that aside, I would still be saying the same. This girl is world class. Wow.

Ricky's fast pass is Christina. Chris and Emily face the public vote.

Now the public take control, as we wait for the results.

Team Will: Joining Jermain in the semi final is Team Midas' Sophie May. Sadly we lose Iesher, best of luck for the future. I know you do really well.

Team Kylie: Joining Jamie in the semi final is Lee. Just hope you can't lip-read at home...Huge shock but Team Midas' Rachael goes home.

Team Sir Tom: Joining Sally in next weeks semi final is Bizzi. Team Midas' Georgia goes home. Give me a call Georgia, we would love to work with you.

Team Ricky: Joining Christina in next weeks semi final is Team Midas' Chris. Leaving the show is Emily.

From our six acts, Team Midas now heads to the semi final with three acts: Christina, Chris and Sophie May.

Right, I'm off to tidy Kylie's dressing room....see you next week


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