02/02/2014 16:04 GMT | Updated 04/04/2014 06:59 BST

The Voice 2014 Show Four

Last weekend Georgia and Iesher Haughton joined Anna McLuckie and Sophie-May Williams as my The Voice picks 2014. Welcome to Team Midas.

It is been highlighted by a few people that my team seems to be full of girls at the moment. Well if it's good enough for Sir Tom, then it's good enough for me! 

My own swivel red chair has been hoovered (yes by me and not my wife, as I am a modern man) and is ready for me to join the other coaches. Although admittedly they are in the studio and I'm in Durham. Here we go...

Will returning auditionee Jessica Steele join Team Midas? From the disappointment of having no chairs last year to all four turning this time, what an amazing turn around, excuse the pun. My chair did spin but Jessica won't be with us. Jessica joins Team Will.

Singing accountant Bunny, hopped on to the stage and the nerves were clear to hear. Good singer but not great. Lovely guy though, hope he continues with the singing. Sadly no chairs turned, not even in Durham.

Sarah Eden-Winn's VT won me over, like her, I am a huge cat lover. I hope she can sing better than a cat! What a powerful, strong vocal, a bit breathy at times, but I will put that down to nerves. I think Sarah has a lot of potential. Sarah joins Team Will.

It's all about twins for the next few auditions, with Tila and Tavelah and  Lauren and Kimberley aka Gemyni.

Tila and Tavelah were up first and although they can clearly sing, it just didn't grab me. It's a no from me but they join Team Ricky.

They were followed by Gemyni and it got better as it went on. Like the coaches, I did turn but very late. When I did spin around I thought Leona Lewis had auditioned. Twice. The resemblance is uncanny. I like them. Gemyni joins Team Kylie.

Forty five minutes in and Team Midas remains stuck with Four acts.

Folky duo Rebecca and Jonathan aka Vela sounded lovely people but it's all about the voice and its a no from everyone. Very relaxing sound though....zzzz

DEAN...right, sorry where were we. 

We didn't really get to see or hear much from Millie J, so I couldn't really judge her. She sounded very bubbly but alas went home.

Can Charlie Wood stop the run of no's? Well no. 

I liked the warmth and emotion of Jai's VT. I'm willing this girl to be good. Come on Jai. Blooming hell, she sounds like Amy Winehouse. Maybe too much but I turned and I am going to take a chance on Jai. I can't wait to hear her sing again. Jai joins Team Kylie and Team Midas. 

The mod father John Quinn gave it his all and really couldn't have done anymore. He did a good job and should be very proud. Sadly it wasn't enough. Keep at it though John.

Amy Winehouse fan Melissa, sang a, well Amy Winehouse track. Great voice and I can hear the potential. Not for me but Kylie, Ricky and Sir Tom turned. After the coaches put forward their views, Melissa joined Team Sir Tom.

It takes a brave person to take on Adele's Skyfall but Leanne Jones did just that and I'm afraid, it wasn't enough to make any of the coaches turn. 

Last up was 16 year old Rachael O'Connor from Northern Ireland. No good at sports so lets hope she can sing. Bam, bam, bam, my chair turned after 10 seconds. One of the first wow singers of the series. Excellent tone, sounds confident and looks like a ready made pop star. No surprise, Rachael joins Team Midas and Team Kylie.

Jai and Rachael O'Connor join Team Midas, which now gives us six acts. I definitely need some men on my team though.

Right, I'm off to take Will's hat back to the shop....see you next week.