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The Voice 2014 Show One

The Christmas decorations have all come down and the first big hitter of the UK Reality TV schedule is back. Ladies and gentlemen it's the return of The Voice.

The Christmas decorations have all come down and the first big hitter of the UK Reality TV schedule is back. Ladies and gentlemen it's the return of The Voice.

So without further a's time to face, oh hold on, this will take some getting use to.

Show veterans, Sir Tom Jones and are joined by Ricky Wilson and the lovely, beautiful, talented and gorgeous Kylie Minogue. No guess as to who my favourite coach is?

So I can feel at home alongside the judges, I mean coaches, as I am reviewing The Voice, UK, I now have my very own red swivel chair at home. Like them, I will listen to the acts with my back turned to the singers, I will tell you honestly, if I turn my chair. Granted my chair squeaks a bit so you may hear it anyway, but nothing that a bit of WD40 can't fix.

So who is the first ever act for me to review on The Voice, UK? Step up 30 year old salesman, Lee Glasson. His version of Kylie's "Can't Get You Outta My Head", got better as he gained his confidence. I would love to hear Lee take on a belting rock track. I think he would smash it out of the ball park.

My fellow judges and I, all turned our chairs, and Lee decided to join Team Kylie. Good choice man.

Next up was Christina Marie. Let me sum up my feelings in a quick spin. I turned my chair round in 10 seconds. That WD40 has kicked in! Great voice and once I saw her I can confirm she already looks like a pop star. I would sign her to my agency tomorrow. Christina got three chairs (plus me but I am not on the TV yet) and joins Team Ricky.

Nerves can effect even the greatest performers and Danielle didn't give a good enough performance I could warm too. We didn't turn our chairs, but don't give up though Danielle. I did love the warmth between Danielle, her daughter and the coaches following the performance, nice touch.

I liked the sound of Anna McLuckie during her VT. I loved her even more when she started singing. This type of vocalist is right up my street. My chair was turned very quickly and I already have a favourite. I'm known as the Midas, the lucky charm, so let's hope my magic works for Ms McLuckie. Two coaches fought for Anna and she joins Team and Team Midas.

Gavin and Stacey impersonator, Tara Lewis followed Anna and it was all too cabaret for me. The voice was strong but it didn't stand out enough for me. The coaches agreed. Football fanatic Ryan Green also missed out, good vocal but again, nothing outstanding.

Yorkshire singer Beth McCarthy was hoping to fix the chairs and get them turning again. My chair stayed put, but Ricky and Kylie thought she was worth a turn. Beth joins Team Ricky.

54 year old Sally Barker had a heartbreaking VT and I really warmed to her sincerity and genuine love for her family. I agreed with Will, Sally sounded angelic and it was faultless. But Sally joins the only chair that turned, Sir Tom Jones.

Former The Streets member, Leo Ihenacho was last up. What a voice, no need to "dry your eyes" mate my chair turned. I was joined by Kylie and Sir Tom. Leo joins Team Kylie.

So that's it, my first ever review of The Voice, UK is over. From tonights very entertaining show, Anna McLuckie joins Team Midas.

Right I'm off to listen to Kylie's greatest hits, see you next week