The Voice 2014 Show Seven

Ambulance controller Tom Barnwell does a rewarding job, I hope he was rewarded with a good voice too. He deserves a chance.

As we reach the final blind audition show, the pressure is on. I mean really on for Team Midas with only having only one place left to fill. For the sake of my blood pressure and not being at all unsportsmanlike, I do hope every singer tonight, bar one, will be rubbish...

Like the coaches, I will decide to turn my very own red chair if I like an act, they then may or may not join Team Midas.

Deep breaths, here we go....

Ambulance controller Tom Barnwell does a rewarding job, I hope he was rewarded with a good voice too. He deserves a chance. With an amazing voice, I turned after about 20 seconds. I really like him but I already have two strong male vocalists. It was a hard decision but Tom only joins Team Will. Hope I don't regret this decision.

Bed salesman Johnny had no spring, supermarket demonstrator Jane Fraser checked out and we called time on bar worker Roxane Arnold. Next.

Can music teacher Gary Poole hit the right notes? He did and he had good tone. I did turn but Gary will not be getting the last place on Team Midas. Gary joins Team Sir Tom.

I remember Angie Browns "I'm Gonna Get You" and I spent many hours dancing to this in the Reading discotheques. How old am I? I loved Angie and turned my chair. Don't know what the other coaches were listening to. Sadly though, if no coach turns, I can't pick Angie...someone turn...please. Oh pants. Great job Angie, sadly the journey ends here.

I love Essex, I really do, it's an awesome place. My reality TV mates Sam Callahan and Lucy and Charley, aka Two Shoes, are pure Essex. I have a feeling 16 year old Luciee Marie Closier is going to test my remaining place. She's very good, quirky and different, right up my street. I turned my chair very quickly. I have a big decision to's a yes from me. Luciee takes the last remaining place on Team Midas. She also joins Team Ricky.

Heartbreaking VT from Teresa Vasiliou, who was forced to retire from a west end career due to a throat tumour. I am certain that if places were not limited. One of the coaches would have turned. Keep at Teresa. You are a very good singer.

Like Teresa, if Bianca Nicholas had auditioned earlier, a coach would have turned. Yes it was nervy, but you can hear the potential. I turned my chair. Good luck Bianca.

This is where this now becomes very frustrating as I also really liked Aaliyah but my team is full. She is the one singer I want to see again. With a bit help and coaching, this girl could be a big star. Give me a call Aaliyah.

Teacher Kenny Thompson sounded very nervous but he has great potential. Admittedly I never turned, not because I didn't like him but I feel I currently have stronger male singers on my team. Kenny joins Team Sir Tom. That completes Sir Tom's team.

Joe West looked nothing like he sounded like. Again, with some gigging experience and coaching, Joe is another singer who will come back stronger.

Rocker Jamie Lovatt gave us a breath of fresh air with his fantastic voice. I liked him, a good singer with a powerhouse vocal. I turned my chair. Hearing his story of being signed and dropped was emotional but sadly an all too common story. This industry is hard, very hard, but never ever give up. With hard work and a big slice of luck, it can happen and very quickly. Thankfully Jamie joined and completes Team Ricky.

Just two auditions to go and Team Will and Team Kylie only have one place left each.

Will Nomakhosi join one of them? With her beautiful jazzy tones and effortless vocal, I had to turn my chair. Thankfully Nomakhosi takes the last place on Team Kylie.

Things got very emotional when Liz Oki performed and again for the second time during the auditions, Mrs M must have been cutting onions near me, as my eyes got a bit misty. Very emotional and touching moment between her and Will. God bless you Liz.

Three auditions left and just one place left with Team Will. So who from Pete Davies, Erin and Cherri Prince will take it?

Pete and Erin gave it their best shots but Cherri Prince stood out for me and for Will. Lovely raspy voice and amazing look. If I had any spare places I would have also picked Cherri.

So that is it. The teams are all complete. Next up are the battle rounds.

Luciee Marie Closier joins Callum Crowley, Kiki DeVille, Amelia O'Connell, Chris Royal, Joe Keegan, Sophie-May Williams, Anna McLuckie, Jai, Georgia, Iesher Haughton and Rachael O'Connor on Team Midas.

So how far will Team Midas go...Time will tell

Right, I'm off to put my red chair back in to storage...or highest bidder gets it. See you next week.


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