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The Voice 2014 Show Three

With my very own red chair oiled to swinging perfection, and my two choice acts, Anna McLuckie and Sophie-May Williams sitting comfortable on the Team Midas sofa eating Chinese......sorry not literally, getting a bit carried away. Will anyone join us this week?

First up was estate agent Andy Otley. With so many great classics out there, and this being the one shot you have to win the coaches, his song choice, a Olly Murs classic was extremely ill advised. My chair stayed put along with everyone else's. He didn't get any offers and off he went home.

Cinema worker Ishea , was up next and Will had his turbo power switched to high as he turned his chair within 5 seconds as she started to power out the high notes. Mine also followed, along with the other coaches not long after. It wasn't perfect by a long shot, but the potential could be heard. This was a very easy decision and Ishea joins Team Will and Team Midas.

The sound of Paul Black's VT got me so scared, that I nearly turned my chair before he had even sang. But when he did sing, although it was OK, like the coaches, we all stayed put.

Having Danny from McFly as your brother is a hard act to follow, but for Vicky Jones, tonight its "all about you" and you nailed it. I agree with Sir Tom, the music over powered the first half of her vocal, but as she progressed it was powerful and brilliant. I joined Sir Tom & Kylie in turning my chair.

Talking of famous family members, "rumour has it" 27 year old Georgia is the cousin of record breaking Adele. Let's hope the pressure doesn't get to her. I thought she was Amazing. I turned my chair very quickly, again not perfect but potential, bags of potential. Georgia joins Team Sir Tom and Team Midas.

We didn't have the chance to hear too much of Celestine, so she was hard to judge, but success for her and Celestine joined Sir Tom.

Si Genaro sounded energetic and fun in his VT, in fact I thought we had switched to the X Factor. Vocally it didn't grab me and no one turned, including Midas. He seems a decent bloke though and I loved his Chicken Train song, let's just hope that when a producer gets hold of it, they don't 'foul' it up (sorry).

The next segment was all about the rock lads, which included Nathan Kobierowski, John Rush and Jeff Anderson. It was a clean sweep from the five coaches (I'm one as well you know) but regrettably for them, no chair turning success.

It was sad to hear about Myles Evans sister and I wish her a speedy recovery. With regards to the singing, it was like Bryan Adams at the start, but he sounded very nervous. Honestly, I didn't turn but Ricky and Sir Tom did. Myles joins Team Ricky.

Last up was 31 year old mother of four Laverne. This was powerful, and consistent. My chair turned, but it wasn't enough for her to join Team Midas. Laverne is however a happy new member of Team Sir Tom.

Right I'm off to see if I have a famous relative...see you next week