02/03/2015 11:49 GMT | Updated 01/05/2015 06:59 BST

The Voice 2015 The Battles Show One

The blind auditions are over and the chosen singers will now go head to head against one of their team mates. The victor will progress to the knock out stage. For the loser they either get stolen, (not literally) by another coach or pack up and go home.

Like the coaches Team Midas also get two steals, but unlike them, we can choose any act, at any time during the show. Clear? Good. Ding ding let the battles commence...Good luck Team Midas.

First up it's Joyful Soundz vs Newtion Matthews. The energy and vocals were bouncing out of the screen. They all gave it their best shot and left nothing in the locker. For me, Newtion just took it. The winner was: Newtion. Joyful Soundz were stolen by Sir Tom and also progress.

Team Midas' Jade Hewitt vs Christina Matovu. This was a battle of the belters. Two amazing singers fighting for their lives. Wow, what a performance. Fantastic job girls, absolutely brilliant. The winner: Christina. Sadly Jade was not stolen and Team Midas lose an act. Good luck Jade. If you join Team Midas, you are with us forever. 

Ryan Green vs Joe Woolford. This was a really close battle. The nerves were apparent throughout the song. They both should be very proud of their performances. The winner: Joe. Ryan was stolen by Will. 

Next it's a Team Midas battle. Rozzy vs Brooklyn. This is tense, two of my girls going head to head. I am so glad I didn't have to decide the winner of this because I honestly couldn't pick. They were both amazing. So proud girls. Great job. The winner: Brooklyn. Rozzy was not stolen and goes home. Well done Brooklyn, best wishes Rozzy, you know I love your voice. 

Claudia Rose vs Rosa Lamele. Bam, bam, bam. Holy moly what a battle, this was immense. It wasn't perfect by any stretch but when your whole life depends on one song, you can forgive nerves. I personally think Claudia pinched it. The winner: Rosa. Claudia was stolen by Ricky. 

Hannah Symons vs Shellyann. The singing sensations just keep coming and coming. How can you call this. These battles are blowing my mind. The talent on this show is world class. The winner: Hannah. Shellyann was stolen by Rita. 

Team Midas' Olivia Lawson vs Clark Carmody. One of the best ever battles on this show. Two phenomenal vocalists smashing it out of the ball park. I had tears in my eyes. Mind blowing. Wow. The winner: Clark. Olivia was (thankfully) stolen by my mate Ricky and we live to fight another day.

Sharon Murphy vs Roisin Geraty-McDonagh. Two distinctive powerful voices but right from the start Sharon immediately stood out for me. Don't get me wrong Roisin is brilliant, but for me it's Sharon every day of the week. The winner: Sharon. Roisin was not stolen and goes home.

Team Midas' Mitch Miller vs Morven Brown. I love Mitch, he has a great voice and an infectious personality. He is confident and blooming brilliant. Morven needs another year or so, then I think we will see her at her best. The winner: Mitch. Morven was not stolen and goes home.

Stephanie Webber vs Howard Rose. This was the most entertaining and fun battle so far. It had everything, fantastic singing and some awesome dance steps from Howard. I was joining in and busting some moves. The winner: Howard. Stephanie was not stolen and goes home. 

Team Midas' Stevie McCrorie vs Tim Arnold. This battle contained the performance of the night, the world class and vocally perfect Stevie. Tim gave it everything, but every time he came in with a great vocal, Stevie's rose above. When Stevie hit the big long notes, it was 10/10 material. Talk about goosebumps. Stevie is a serious contender for The Voice crown. The winner: Stevie. Tim was not stolen and goes home.

Last up it's Lucy O'Byrne vs Karl Loxley. Anyone who knows me, knows I love soprano, so the next battle was right up my street. This was another hard one to call, they both oozed class. After 30 seconds, I went for it. I am going to steal Lucy. Tonight she was amazing and faultless, a soprano star was born. Welcome to Team Midas Lucy. The winner: Lucy. Karl was not stolen and goes home.

What a brilliant night of battles. Sadly Team Midas lost Jade & Rozzy but Olivia, Stevie, Brooklyn, Mitch and newbie Lucy march on to the knockout stages.

Right, I'm off to run up some steps like Rocky...see you next week.