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The Voice 2015 The Battles Show Two

This Saturday's epic battles are the reason the show is doing so well. World class singers, likeable coaches and enjoyable watchable TV.

The first round of battles is now over, gone, finished. The remaining acts, (of which Team Midas have five) move on to next weeks knock out round. For the rest, the tension and stress is just about to start.

Like the coaches, Team Midas also gained two steals at the battle round stage. But, unlike them, we can choose any act, at any time. So with one steal left for us, let the battles commence...Good luck Team Midas.

First up is Team Midas' Letita George vs Vikesh Champaneri. This was a fantastic battle and an awesome start to the show. Two power house voices going head to head. This was very hard to call but not being at all biased, Letitia was the better of the two singers. The winner: Letitia. Vikesh was stolen by Will.

Stephen Cornwell vs Jake Shakeshaft: This was an interesting sing off, although at the start of the battle, they both looked terrified. In fairness they complemented each other really well. It was brilliant. Great job lads. The winner: Jake. Stephen goes home.

Vanessa Hunt vs Team Midas' Liss Jones: This was a very feisty encounter in the 'diva off' (Rita's words, not mine). Holy moly they both held absolutely nothing back. This was singing at it's best and the battle of the series to date. In my professional opinion Liss was the stronger and more controlled of the two. The winner: Liss. Vanessa goes home.

Daniel Duke and Cai Williams: Two complete polar opposites in the singing game. I really found this hard to call. There really wasn't much to choose between them. If I was backed into a corner, I would narrowly say it was Daniel. The winner: Daniel. Cai goes home.

It is a Team Midas battle next as Sheena McHugh battles against Hollie Barrie. Two fantastic singers and two lovely girls, can't believe they are going against each other. Once the battle commenced, it was like listening to two established artists pitching their singles. This was blooming amazing, I could have listened to this all night. The winner: Sheena. Sadly Hollie goes home. Please, please keep in touch Hollie, you are fab.

Hannah Wildes vs Team Midas' Autumn Sharif: I seriously had tears in my eyes listening to Autumn, this was world class, one of the best vocals I have heard during my time working with reality TV shows. Hannah was also very impressive. The winner: Autumn. Hannah was stolen by Rita.

Esmee Denters vs Andrew Marc: I honestly thought this was going to be one way but Andrew more than held his own. Saying that, Esmee was the class act of the two and should easily have done enough to win this. The winner: Esmee. Andrew goes home.

The Mac Bros vs D-Twinz: The battle of the duos was fascinating and a pleasure to listen too. I really can't fault any of the four vocals. It is a massive shame that one of them is going home. I can't pick between them. The winner: D-Twinz. The Mac Bros go home.

Lisa Ward vs Sasha Simon: This was ANOTHER amazing battle. I still have a steal left and Sasha was so good I considered pressing my button, but something was stopping me, certainly not her obvious talent, but something. Lisa also gave a good account of herself. The winner: Sasha. Lisa goes home.

Karis Thomas vs NK. This was another interesting battle of contrasting voices that Karis won the minute she got in to her stride. I really like Karis, there is, as Rita said "something about her". I 100% agree and BAM, I am using my second and last steal on Karis. Welcome to Team Midas. If the other coaches had a steal left, I am positive NK would have been stolen. Fantastic voice. The winner: Karis. NK goes home.

Kim Alvord vs Lara Lee: Another close sing off to call but for me Lara has the bigger voice and she has the perfect coach in Sir Tom. Kim was pretty faultless but Lara edged it. The winner: Lara. Kim goes home.

The last battle of 2015 is between Team Midas' Classical Reflection and Emmanuel Nwamadi. This was hands down the battle of the series. It was beautiful to listen too. Faultless vocals. This is how a battle should be done. Well done everyone. The winner Emmanuel. Sadly Classical Reflection go home. Keep in touch girls, you know how I feel about you.

That's it. Team Midas take 10 acts into next weeks knockout round. Stevie, Sheena, Olivia, Karis, Liss, Autumn, Letitia, Lucy, Mitch and Brooklyn.

Can I also say well done to everyone involved with the show. This Saturday's epic battles are the reason the show is doing so well. World class singers, likeable coaches and enjoyable watchable TV.

Right, I'm off get ready for the knockouts...see you next week.

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