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The Voice 2015 The Final

They have faced a blind audition, a battle and knockout round and two previous live shows...ladies and gentlemen meet your 2015 The Voice finalists: Sasha, Emmanuel, Lucy & Stevie.

They have faced a blind audition, a battle and knockout round and two previous live shows...ladies and gentlemen meet your 2015 The Voice finalists: Sasha, Emmanuel, Lucy & Stevie.

During this season and just like the coaches, Team Midas have had our own spinning red chair. I have also listened to the acts with my back turned and choose my own Team. Now after months of promoting, supporting with PR and championing them, two remain. The amazing Stevie McCrorie & Lucy O'Byrne.

So as Team Midas face our 4th straight Reality TV final, (yes 4th Mr Cowell) can we make it a winning double after Ben Haenow won the X Factor for us....time will tell, here we go everyone.

First up, it is Sasha. She has grown and grown during this competition and last week her duet with Sir Tom pushed her into the final. It was a good start to the show.

Emmanuel is the person I feel can stop Team Midas winning this, his tone is awesome and he is a likeable guy. I don't feel this was his strongest performance and at this stage, that could be costly.

Team Midas' classical starlet Lucy is absolutely amazing, she has taken on every single round and smashed it, time after time. Tonight was no exception. Lucy you are brilliant, well done.

Team Midas' Stevie is world class, he is quite simply one of the best singers, Team Midas have ever had the privilege to support. His vocal tonight showed us all why he is the frontrunner. Effortless and confident. 10/10

Round's time for the coach and singer duets.

Sasha and Sir Tom were great but it didn't live up to last weeks amazing duet. Emmanuel and Ricky were also good but Lucy and Will and Stevie and Ricky, again stole the show. I am not being at all biased, it is my personal and professional opinion. They are both really standing out now and we could be on our way to a dream Team Midas 1st and 2nd.

Here we go, the two acts moving forward are...Lucy and Stevie. Holy Moly. Team Midas we have done it again. I am such a proud man right now. Well done Lucy and Stevie....BUT the show must go on and we must crown a winner.

Before we go on, massive congratulations to Sasha and Emmanuel. I wish you all the Midas luck in the world for your very promising futures.

Next up Team Midas' Lucy and Stevie both sing their blind audition songs, reliving them was emotional and gave me goosebumps. In front of our very eyes, we are watching two amazing artists blossom into the stars, I know they are going to be.

Now the final two, face one last hurdle, they both sing their version of the winners song 'Lost Stars' originally by Maroon 5.

Team Midas' Lucy was up first and I could listen to her classical version of this all day long. Lucy had the audience in the palm of her hand. This is how it should be done. Forget the job in the west end Lucy, you will soon be singing on those stages as the headline act.

Team Midas' Stevie totally smashed it, in fact he more than smashed it. I have said it, (more than) once and I will say it again. Stevie McCrorie is world class. His vocal and stage presence is like an established performer who has already enjoyed number 1 records.

Before the result. I want to thank Stevie and Lucy for everything. You have been amazing and supportive to us all at Team Midas. Good luck to you both, whatever the result. Thankfully, the winner will be chosen by the public and not us.

The winner of the Voice 2015 is...Stevie McCrorie.

I won't lie, I am a bit emotional. It is amazing when great things happen to good people.

Thank you to each and everyone of my Team Midas acts and supporters, it is has been an amazing year. Well done to each and everyone of The Voice team and the fan sites. This has been a vintage year. I am really going to miss working on the show.

So, Team Midas will have a week off and recharge the batteries after our 4th straight final, ended with a 1st and 2nd and a Reality TV winning double.

Right, now go and buy Stevie's single....see you next week for the return of Britain's Got Talent.

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