16/03/2015 20:14 GMT | Updated 16/05/2015 06:59 BST

'The Voice' 2015 The Knockouts Show Two

Team Rita and Team Will can now relax in their big red swivel chairs having picked their three acts ready for the live shows. Sunday night and the stress and pressure is now on for Team Ricky and Team Sir Tom.

Like the coaches, Team Midas will pick their own acts and last night Sheena, Karis and Lucy all made it through to the live shows. Tonight it's the turn of Stevie, Olivia, Autumn & Letitia. Good luck Team Midas, win or lose, you have done us proud.

First up, it's Team Ricky...and the remaining Team Midas acts.

Christina Matovu kicked us off and it kept building and building until that fantastic voice kicked in. So powerful and effortless. Great start.

Team Midas' Olivia Lawson has a beautiful and unique voice and she totally smashed it out of the ball park tonight. There is no one like her left in the competition. Well done Olivia, whatever happens tonight Team Midas love you.

Hannah Symons is another powerful vocalist, she is usually so strong and reliable but tonight she had a few issues that could see her miss out. I like her, so I hope she gets another chance.

Team Midas' Stevie McCrorie is world class, he has been totally amazing from day one. I can't give him enough praise. Stevie is a huge star in the making. Vocally amazing with the looks to go with it. He is a perfect package. 10/10.

Team Midas' Letitia George got the audience up on their feet and was vocally perfect. I love Letitia she has energy and she has soul. Brilliant.

Emmanuel Nwamadi is the biggest threat to Team Midas winning this show. This was another big showing from him and I honestly think we are looking at a serious contender.

Team Midas' Autumn Sharif is one of the best female vocalists I have ever heard, her range is out of this world. I have to be honest and say it wasn't good as her battle round, but it should still be good enough.

Last up was Claudia Rose who pulled out a phenomenal performance to really give Ricky something to think about. That was her best vocal of the series.

The three acts that Ricky is taking to the live shows are: Emmanuel, Stevie and Autumn.

Up next it is Team Sir Tom.

Joyful Soundz are fun, positive and excuse the pun, a joy to hear and watch. I have grown to like them and I hope the show opens doors for them, win or lose tonight.

Karl Loxley should be in the West End, it is as simply as that. When you can sing like him, the phone should be ringing off the hook. I can't fault you Karl. Well done.

Rosa Lamele has been very consistent throughout the competition but this didn't work for me. I'm really frustrated because she is an immense talent.

Daniel Duke is unique and memorable, for me that's half the battle in this industry. This was another solid showing from Daniel. Will it be enough?

Sasha Simone has the talent to go all the way, her voice is amazing, when her confidence shines through, she is fantastic.

Sharon Murphy has been rock steady throughout the show, this was another great performance. I really like her. I hope she gets the chance to shine at the lives.

Lara Lee is vocally perfect, her voice shines out like a beacon. Consistent, versatile and blooming brilliant. Kara has to get through.

Howard Rose is a breath of fresh air, he has an infectious, likeable personality and a killer voice, that deserves recognition. This guy is one to watch. Trust me.

The three acts Sir Tom is taking to the lives shows are: Sasha, Lara and Howard.

Well done everyone, live show or not, you should all be so proud..but the show must go on and next week the remaining 12 acts head to the live shows. Of those 12, Team Midas still have five left. They are Sheena, Stevie, Autumn, Karis and Lucy.

Right, I'm off to get ready for the live shows...see you next week.