'The Voice' 2015 The Knockouts Show One

Clark Carmody is one of the favourites for a reason, but I don't think tonight was his best showing. I know he has 'it' but the song choice wasn't right. I like him and his voice, so let's hope Rita gives him another chance.

Blind auditions. Over. Battle Round. Over.... The remaining singers must face their biggest test to date. One 90 second song for a place in The Voice 2015 live shows.

Like the coaches, Team Midas pick their own acts, of which 10 now remain. Tonight Sheena, Mitch, Brooklyn, Liss, Karis & Lucy enter the stage. Good luck Team Midas, win or lose, you have done us proud.

First up, it's Team Rita. Very soon eight will become three.

DTwinz kicked off the knockout round and I will admit these girls have really grown on me but tonight the nerves were there for all to see. In their defence, they went first and that must have been hard. Rita has a very strong team, so time will tell if this is good enough.

Joe Woolford saved his best vocal to date for tonight. I think this good looking young lad is on his way to the Quarter Final. Joe could be the dark horse of the competition.

Team Midas' Mitch Miller take on 'You Spin Me Round' was blooming amazing, absolutely phenonenal. The potential of Mitch is unlimited. Great singer with a likeable personality.

Team Midas' Karis Thomas is fast becoming a real favourite. What a voice, it genuinely gave me goosebumps. This is how it should be done. Every week she is getting better and better. Well done Karis 10/10.

Shellyann is Rita's steal, she so deserves to be at this stage. Another good, likeable singer. Rita has some very big decisions to make tonight.

Hannah Wildes has one of the best female vocals left on the show and after her performance, she has really put the cat among the pigeons. Hannah will do well, whatever happens tonight.

Clark Carmody is one of the favourites for a reason, but I don't think tonight was his best showing. I know he has 'it' but the song choice wasn't right. I like him and his voice, so let's hope Rita gives him another chance.

Last up was Team Midas' Liss Jones and she gave it everything and more. Those high notes are phenomenal. Liss has delivered on every single performance and that again, was awesome.

The three acts Rita is taking to the live shows are: Joe, Clark and Team Midas' Karis.

Good luck Mitch and Liss, trust me it is not the end for you, it is just the beginning. You both did yourselves proud tonight and went out on a high.

Next up, it's Team Will.

Newtion Matthews got us off to a cracking start, full of passion and soul. I like him, I hope this opens doors for him, whatever happens tonight.

Jake Shakeshaft is much better than he gives himself credit for. Tonight was steady, nothing groundbreaking but steady. With a confidence boost, Jake could be a pop star in his own right.

Esmee Denters has been there and done it and tonight she showed why. She has a great voice, looks good and has energy. Best so far, but will it be enough?

Team Midas' Brooklyn is a lovely person, she is already a perfect little pop star, she sings, she raps and she looks fantastic. She reminds me of Cher Lloyd. This girl will be huge, live shows or not.

Vikesh Champaneri was Will's steal and I honestly think he could have just sneaked into the live shows. Powerful, faultless vocal. Fantastic stuff Vikesh.

Team Midas' Sheena McHugh. Right, Team Midas or not, I have just witnessed one of the best reality TV vocals. Ever. This was world, world class. From the minute Sheena started singing until the minute she stopped, it was faultless. 10/10. Certain live show finalist.

Ryan Green has a brilliant vocal, there is no doubting that, but tonight he followed two booming singers and his performance didn't stand out enough. It was good but I don't think he will get the nod.

Team Midas' Lucy O'Byrne is another world class vocalist. As the competition moves on, so Lucy is getting better and better. Tonight's performance was mind blowing, I didn't want it to end. Lucy, the next time you go back to your theatre, it will be YOU on the stage.

The three acts Will is taking to the live shows are: Team Midas' Lucy & Sheena and Vikesh.

Sunday Team Midas' Stevie, Olivia, Autumn & Letitia sing for their place in the live shows.

Right, I'm off speak to my acts...see you later.


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