The Voice 2015 The Quarter Final

Twelve acts remain and of those, four will leave tonight. No second chances. It will be pack your bags and Bon voyage!

Twelve acts remain and of those, four will leave tonight. No second chances. It will be pack your bags and Bon voyage!

Like the coaches, Team Midas have picked their own acts. Of the remaining 12, we still have five left. They are Sheena, Stevie, Autumn, Karis and Lucy. Good luck Team Midas, win or lose, you have done us proud.

It's time for the first live show...Time to rock and roll Team Ricky.

First up, it's Team Midas' Autumn. What a start to the show, such a powerful vocal and all done with a huge smile on her face. Fantastic stuff Autumn. Well done. Brilliant opening.

Emmanuel is a serious contender, he has the whole package. Tonight he really stepped it up. Absolutely phenomenal. There is nothing to fault about his performance. Nothing at all. 10/10 mate.

Team Midas' Stevie has smashed every single song to date. Tonight he must have got himself a new hammer as smashed it again, even harder this time. This genuinely brought tears to my eyes. Holy moly Stevie, you are totally amazing. Your best performance to date. 20/10

Ricky's fast pass to the semi final is...Team Midas' Stevie.

Next up, it's Team Sir Tom.

Lara kicked us off and as ever, it was strong, confident and faultless singing. This was a lesson in how to nail a live performance.

Howard is fun and always memorable. Tonight he got serious and made everyone sit up and listen. Great vocal and awesome guitar playing.

Sasha is one good song away from the semi final...and this could have been it. Boom, boom, boom. Sasha you smashed it out of the ball park.

Sir Tom's fast pass to the semi final is...Sasha.

Next up, it's Team Rita.

Team Midas' Karis is coming good at just the right time. This was so, so strong. Nerves? Get out of here. This oozed confidence. Karis has delivered again. I loved it.

Clark needs a good night as his knockout round wasn't the best. This was a million times better, the real Clark is back in the building and tearing down the walls.

Joe has everything, the looks and the voice and he has vastly improved since the knockout round. I wasn't overly keen on the staging but thankfully Joe's strong vocal pulled it around.

Rita's fast pass to the semi final's is...Team Midas' Karis.

The last team up is Team Will.

Team Midas' Sheena is quite simply one of the best singers ever to grace The Voice stage. Totally and utterly breathtaking. Wow, goosebumps and world class (again).

Team Midas' Lucy is another artist set for an amazing career. When she sings she draws you in and makes you believe every word. Lucy never fails to deliver, awesome stuff.

The last act tonight is Vikesh. I would never ever be able to fault Vikesh's vocal, because I couldn't. Staging, well, that's another matter. On a serious note, that was pretty amazing.

Will's fast pass to the semi final's is...Team Midas' Lucy.

Now the remaining acts go to the public vote, with only four of the remaining eight going through.

We now take a short break...

The four acts going through on the public vote are...Team Midas' Sheena, Emmanuel, Joe and Vikesh.

Sadly we say goodbye to Team Midas' Autumn, Lara, Howard and Clark. Good luck to you all, I hope this platform opens many doors for you.

Amazingly Team Midas will have four, yes four singers in the Voice semi final. Well done Stevie, Karis, Lucy and Sheena. Well done everyone.

Right, I'm off dance in a cube...see you next week.

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