23/02/2015 05:56 GMT | Updated 24/04/2015 06:59 BST

The Voice 2015 Blind Auditions Show Seven

It is the final week of blind auditions on The Voice and not even the dreaded flu virus will stop me. I need to add two final two singers to complete the Team Midas line up.

Just like the coaches, I have my own spinning red chair. I will also listen to the acts with my back turned. At the end of the blind auditions, I too, will have my very own team. Team Midas.

First up, was toilet roll seller Vanessa Hunt, who started off slowly but very quickly got better and better. I really can't knock her vocal, it was brilliant but at this stage, it just wasn't enough for me to turn. Vanessa ended with Team Rita.

I really need more men on my team but Matt Baker failed to get any of the TV coaches to turn, so sadly that means game over. It was a fantastic audition though Matt. Well done.

My favourite season is Autumn, one of my favourite names is Autumn so when I heard Autumn Sharif's VT, I was praying she could sing. Oh wow, boy can she sing. I turned my chair after 10 seconds. Amazing vocal and the potential with Amazing Autumn is limitless. I am proud to say welcome to Team Midas. This leaves us with just one space. Autumn also joins my mate Ricky.

Kyle Parry, Michelle Gee & Sarah Dunn were all victims of the lack of Team spaces left and all sadly went home, empty chaired.

Singing waiter Mitch Miller was hoping to serve up a successful audition and his energy came bouncing out of the screen. Vocally perfect and it put a huge smile on my face. I have just one space left....bam. I am going for it. Welcome to Team Midas Mitch. My team is now complete. Mitch also joins Team Rita.

Jocee and Craig Bunch both gave it their best shots but it wasn't enough at this stage of the competition.

Country singer Roisin Geraghty-McDonagh was also very close to going home but right at the end of the track, Sir Tom turned his chair and Roisin joined his team.

In a running theme on tonight show, two more singers, Annelies Kruidenier and Charlotte Turnbull both went home, but again, this was more to do with lack of spaces than, their obvious singing talent. Charlotte was absolutely amazing, a real talent.

Just two more singers to go in 2015's The Voice blind auditions.....

Lisa Ward rocked us out and if I had any spaces left, I would have turned for her. It wasn't perfect but I can hear the potential and in my eyes, if the talent is there then the rest falls into place.

The last audition slot goes to Tina Turner tribute act Andrew Marc. Will he be 'Simply the Best'? Well, erm, I thought it was interesting, but oh no, I have no spaces left. I know one man who has a space though....Will.

That is it. The blind auditions are over. These are the 12 acts that Team Midas take into next week's Battle rounds: Stevie McCrorie, Sheena McHugh, Olivia Lawson, Jade Hewitt, Classical Reflection, Mitch Miller, Letitia George, Liss Jones, Brooklyn, Rozzy Turner, Hollie Barrie and Autumn Sharif.

Right, I'm off back to bed...see you next week.