30/09/2013 09:46 BST | Updated 30/09/2013 09:46 BST

The X Factor 2013 Bootcamp Show One

The auditions are over for another year and the game is about to get really serious, make a mistake now and you go home... For the audience, the fun is just about to begin as we enjoy a new style bootcamp.  Let's welcome the six seat challenge.

Twelve acts per category but only six will go through. Take a seat but you are NOT safe. Cruel? Yeah just a bit, but great TV!

But before we do get comfy, in another new twist, the judges are told their categories before the judging begins.

We have Louis liking the Boys, Gary grappling the Groups, Mrs O nursing her Overs and reigning champ Nicole getting giggly with the Girls. 

So after the hysteria of finding out there mentors, the competition got up and running.

100 hungry acts, quickly whittled down to 50, but we lost one of my audition favs Stephanie. Even Mrs O asking Nicole to change her mind couldn't save her. I wish Mrs M would stop cutting onions during the show.

Now the remaining acts have to face the fight for the chairs.

Karen Harding got the ball rolling in fantastic style and won the first seat. One down 11 to go. Lydia Lucy joined her but remember, no one is safe. No one.

Sadly the first act to get a no was Hannah Sheares. I agree with Gary, this girl has great potential. Give me a call Ms Sheares.

More girls sang and failed. What we needed was a boost and off went Nicole to kick some butt backstage. It was Tamera's turn to try and win a chair. Win a chair? Tamera owns a chair. She should be allowed to take it home. What a voice this girl has, the potential is frightening. This girl is top three material.

Relley had the hard job of following Tamera, but she also nailed it. One more chair taken. Jade Richards joined her....we are seriously running out of chairs, someone call CSL (other decent furniture shops are available)

Sheena gave one of the best vocals to date and after getting a no, Nicole changed her mind, and the last chair was won. Now the fun begins. 

With Hannah Barrett's amazing performance, Nicole had her first problem, a seat had to be swapped and that sadly meant Sheena lost her seat. 

The tension is unbelievable, I need a sherry!

Next up, but with no chairs free, is the North East's finest, Abi Alton. Her rendition of 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' was breathtaking. Abi got a chair and Lydia had to give back her seat. 

The last girl to sing was the comeback kid Melanie McCabe. If this girl doesn't get a chair, I'm putting an extra one on the stage myself. Luckily no need. Melanie was outstanding, but with joy comes heartbreak and Karen Harding lost her chair after sitting in it from the beginning. 

That's it then. Now we know . The girls going to judges houses are; Tamera, Abi, Melanie, Hannah, Relley and Jade.

I'm absolutely exhausted just watching this, but, there is no time to rest. Next up it's the Overs.

Prison officer got her chair with ease,  a note perfect vocal and a huge vote of confidence from Mrs O.

Souli Roots can't sing a note. Forget entertainment, this is woeful. Thank you Sharon for seeing sense. Bye Souli. 

Can Jayson get a seat? He did a solid performance, nothing outstanding but Mrs O didn't like it?

Sabrina and Joseph Whelan got the next two chairs. Three down, three to go.....but it all continues tomorrow.

Any spare chairs? I need a seat.