06/10/2013 15:38 BST | Updated 06/10/2013 15:38 BST

The X Factor 2013 Judges Houses Show One

Our brave contenders have one final challenge before they make it to the live shows. They have faced the return of The Room, The Arena, Bootcamp and battled with the hot chairs, but now, they face the biggest audition of them all... Judges' houses. Over the next two nights, 24 will become 12.

Saturdays' show focuses on the Overs and the Boys.

Mrs O takes her Overs home to Los Angeles where we meet her side kick, guest judge Robbie Williams. Louis Walsh took his boys to Dublin. Wow Dublin is looking sexy! Stop press, what do you mean he didn't? Oh great, his boys will just have to rought it in St Tropez. 

Guest judges to support were Shane Filan, Nicole Appleton and Sinitta (hello boss) 

The Overs got the show on the road. Up first was Sam Bailey, who to date has been amazing. Now that's how you sing for your life, brilliant absolutely brilliant. Has to be in the final three.

Lorna Simpson followed, and again, we were wowed with another awesome performance, worthy of the top three.

To date, I have been unsure about Shelley Smith, tonight I finally warmed to her, and she's very bubbly, in a fun way.

I really like Zoe Devlin, she is unique and has a stunning look, if this doesn't go as planned, give me a call Zoe, Midas Talentpr would be honoured to work with you.

Andrea Magee was OK, but nothing special, If I have to be brutally honest. 

Last up was Joseph Whelan, he gave it his all, and Robbie loved him. I was on the fence

Now they await their fate....Before that, its over to the boys in St Tropez.

Luke Friend got his soul on and set the bar high for the rest of the boys, good job man.

My mate Sam Callahan gave a faultless audition and I totally agree, (as I would) with Nicole, Sam has star quality in abundance 

Two down, four to go, Paul Akister really put the cat among the pigeons, with a faultless vocal, amazing singer.

After three great turns, Giles Potter and Ryan Mathie did their best, but for me, it wasn't enough, hope I'm wrong lads.

Singing for all his worth was Nicholas McDonald, who got everyone crying, but in a good way. I wish the XF team would stop cutting onions.  Cert top three in my opinion.

The boys have rolled their dice...back to the Overs for Mrs O's top three.

The Overs going to live shows are: Sam Bailey, Lorna Simpson and Shelley Smith.

The Boys going through to live shows are: Sam Callahan (phew!), Luke Friend and Nicholas McDonald 

Well done to the successful acts, but huge commiserations to the ones who didn't make it. Good luck for the future.

Tomorrow night, it's time for the Groups and the very strong Girls.