07/10/2013 09:01 BST | Updated 07/10/2013 09:01 BST

The X Factor 2013 Judges Houses Show Two

Saturday saw the Boys and Overs chosen for the live shows and what an emotional ride that was. So, here we are on Sunday night, Girls and Groups it's over to you...

Saturday saw the Boys and Overs chosen for the live shows and what an emotional ride that was. So, here we are on Sunday night, Girls and Groups it's over to you...

After an update on the band name changes; Kingsland are now Kingsland Road, Code 4 are now technically Code 3 and not forgetting, trio Rough Copy, who became a duo at bootcamp. Is that it Dermot? Yes, great. The bands then headed over to New York with Gary Barlow and guest judge Olly Murs. 

The improvements were there for all to see with Kingsland Road. Great energy, tight vocals and in the words of Louis Walsh "I like them" . Cert for the top three. 

Before tonight Brick City hadn't really stood out for me. I can't deny the vocals were bang on, but there is something missing and they wouldn't make my top three. Thankfully for them, it's not my decision.

Cool dudes Rough Copy, (now a duo, keep up) bring something different to the X Factor, and by different I mean fantastic, effortless. 

To date five piece girl band Xyra hadn't featured much, sorry girls I wasn't blown away. 

Code 4 (now a trio, please keep up) were OK, nothing spectacular, I think it's time up. 

I was really looking forward to seeing brand new girl band, called Miss Dynamix. Blooming heck, this is class, world class. These girls are live show finalists. You heard it here first. 

Now we await the Groups fate....

Next, we head over to Antigua with Nicole and guest judge Mary J Blige.

Dermot O'Leary caught our attention first however. Had he just been to Venice? Doing a spot of moonlighting on the Gondoliers. Watch it again to make you smile!

First up and looking like a star is, Tamera Foster but, will she sound like a star? After that vocal Tamera, I would book your room for December 15th. We have just seen one of this year's finalists. Another one I hear you cry! Yes, but there is some really outstanding talent this year. 

Comeback kid Jade Richards didn't wow me like I was hoping she would. Not enough to win I feel. 

I like Abi Alton but this wasn't her best performance. I would still take the risk though Nicole. 

I feel Britain has had enough floods this year, and the amount of tears on the show tonight was bringing back all of those water memories! Enough. No more tears please. Tonight's show must have been sponsored by Kleenex (other good tissue manufacturers are available) 

Anyway, (sniff) next up was Relley C, booming vocal with a fighting personality, was it good enough? 

Four down, two to go and up next for her fourth attempt was Melanie McCabe.  She was understandable emotional but still gave one of the best vocals of the night. Nicole please do not send her home. 

Last up was Hannah Barrett, she can sing, she is hungry and yes I know she wants it, badly, but please Hannah, control the tears. 

Now we await for the Girls' fate...

Right, the decisions have been made.

The Groups through to the live shows are:  Kingsland Road, Rough Copy and Miss Dynamix

The Girls through to the live shows are: Abi Alton, Tamera Foster and Hannah Barrett. 

From tonight's show Miss Dynamix & Tamera are looking like front runners, in my opinion.

I have to admit, I am completely in shock that Melanie hasn't got through. Please, please give this girl a wildcard. 

Right, all set for the live shows. I'm off to shine my shoes....